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Introducing the Ledger Donjon
Ledger, the manufacturer of the popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano S has been working to improve the security of their products. This time, they are introducing not a device, but a group of security experts known as the Donjon. It is a small group of 8 experts in the smartcard and security industry. Their primary function is to work on improving the security of Ledger products by assessing vulnerabilities, testing and putting in place measures to check the security leakages.
June Updates for Trezor Devices and Wallet

SatoshiLabs published several updates for the trezor wallets.

The update includes support for BitcoinCash’s cashaddr, Zcash’s overwinter update and a few extra cryptocurrencies added to both wallets, the Trezor One and Trezor Model T now supports Lisk, Bitcoin Private, Vertcoin, Viacoin and Zcoin among others with support for more ethereum clones like Callisto and EthereumSocial.

Anyone running the old firmware version 1.6.1 for the Trezor One is urged to update as fast as possible, the update will wipe your memory so make sure you have your recovery seed first!

BIP Proposal: New Serialization Format for Key Material

Extended private keys are defined in BIP321 and are used to recover funds in case of a loss, but recovering a wallet using just the extended private keys is a tricky process and can sometimes fail to recover all the funds as some metadata can be missing. The current implemenation also has a weakness in which there is a limit to the incoming payment requests, handing out more than 20 incoming payment requests could lead to destruction of funds.

To remedy this issue, an early draft of a new serialization/encoding format for extended public and private keys was proposed on the Bitcoin-dev channel.

Trezor Model T in Depth Review

CoinGecko published a in-depth review of the new released hardware wallet Trezor Model T from SatoshiLabs.

In this in-depth CoinGecko Buzz review, we’re going to be looking at the latest version of SatoshiLab’s Trezor Model T. With features including touchscreen capabilities, fast processing power, and advanced coin support, this next-generation wallet should be on every serious cryptocurrency enthusiast’s or investor’s list.

Ledger First CTF Complete for ongoing HW Bounty: 2.337 BTC

Ledger posted an update for their ongoing HW bounty totalling 2.337 BTC.

Ledger’s first CTF (Capture The Flag) event has officially ended! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and teams that participated to the contest. We received more than 500 answers, and while most participants wished to remain anonymous, we believe that the techniques employed indicate many were security professionals.

All the finishers qualified (and a few others) to try & extract the private key from a dedicated Hardware Bounty, which they received mid april. More than 100 devices with the same key has been sent. The dedicated bounty is a simple USB device which computes a public key from a private key (a simple scalar multiplication).This public key is sent back using the USB connection. There are a few countermeasures in place to protect the private key.