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Summary for December 2018
We’ve been taking a break for the past two months while working on a website upgrade. Since we did not cover news in that time, we decided to make a series of recap articles covering the last two months, starting with news related Bitcoin Core and going through Lightning Network and its related updates.
Visual Identification of Payee Node Id

Checking the payee node id in the send dialog is always troublesome, the long hex value can be as confusing as typing a bitcoin address yourself. Just like every other thing in Bitcoin, a visual representation of the payee node id might be helpful.

There were suggestions on the Lightning dev mailing list that called lighting user-facing wallets to add an icon identifier for the id so that we can check if its the correct one, after all we as humans are much better at remembering visual cues that random long hex values, there were counter proposals that suggested using Chernoff Faces, as humans are best fit in recognizing small changes in faces and another that suggested using strings of seperate words, like BIP 39 seeds, that are easier to recognize, or memorize, than random hex values.