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Summary for December 2018
We’ve been taking a break for the past two months while working on a website upgrade. Since we did not cover news in that time, we decided to make a series of recap articles covering the last two months, starting with news related Bitcoin Core and going through Lightning Network and its related updates.
Schnorr and Taproot Update

An effort to put a solid taproot proposal was done by developer Anthony Towns, the proposal was about segwit v1 with several adjustments to the current segwit version which included :

  • replacing the ECDSA Checksig/CheckMultiSign ops with new Schnorr ops
  • introducing a 33-byte v1 witness addresses that encode a secp256k1 ECC Point P that is spendable either by a direct schnorr signature of a script with the witness data and a taproot/merkle path to the script.
  • Versions for taproot scripts
  • Adding OP_MASK to support script masking via sighash
  • Making invalid opcodes upgradeable to have more flexibility than OP_NOP

read the proposal here

Generalized Taproot

Taproot is a mechanism that works like MAST but without the 32 byte overhead, it was created earlier this year by developer Greg Maxwell.

An update on Taproot was recently published on the Bitcoin-dev mailing list dubbed Generalized Taproot, its essentially a recursive taproot which is as space efficient as taproot in some cases and sometimes potentially more efficient in cases like when one merkle branch is more likely than the other.

Generalized Taproot is not something that we will see being deployed any time soon but it could be a further enhancement to the increasing amount of applications built on Schnorr Signatures coming in the next months/years.