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Signatures of Messages Using Bitcoin Private Keys
The processing of signing messages with Bitcoin private keys with P2PKH addresses is a fairly known one but with the introduction of segwit, with its bech32 and P2SH forms, it is unclear how to distinguish these three addresses, a new BIP was proposed by developer Christopher Gilliard intending to set a standard for messages to be signed and verified by different clients.
Mast and Schnorr Signatures
Bitcoin’s development effort for the past few years has been focused on a few key concepts, privacy, scalability and efficiency. One of the first improvements was Segregated witness which is ushering in the rest, Lightning Network followed but was an effort in a different direction as it took transactions off-chain rather than optimizing the on-chain process. Some of the upcoming technologies aimed at optimizing this process are Schnorr Signatures and Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees or MAST for short.
Sign Verify Message Against Segwit P2sh Addresses

Dan Bryant opened a thread raising awareness of the lack of a BIP for Sign/Verify message functionality against SegWit P2SH addresses. An open issue already exists concerning the broken functionality, but it appears that a solution had not yet been proposed. @sipa best summarizes the issue:

The confusion here comes from the ambiguity in whether an address is an identifier of a key, or a shorthand for a script.