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Lightning Wallet for Android: Shango

Another lightning network wallet is being produced called Shango. Currently, the wallet is not open source but could become open source in the near future. The Shango repository only contains a README explaining the wallet’s functionality. A user of the Shango wallet has the option to point their wallet to their own private LN node or they may use the cloud services.

Neogeo, the host of the repository makes a case in the README concerning the superiority of cloud hosted nodes:

This is in contrast to the false sense of security you get with your privately managed server at home or phone based wallet where you can lose power and data anytime, and has WIFI access to make it easily accessible by hackers outside your door and where any other software installed could be compromising your machine already without you knowing. Granted if you are a security expert you can do a lot to prevent casual hacks but not all of us can or want to do this.