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Electrum Fishing Scheme Warning

A fishing malware scheme has been spotted targeting electrum wallet users. Electrum users are advised to read the warning explainer that has been setup here.

A malicious notification popup with a clickable link.

Users of many versions of Electrum released may see messages as pictured when attempting to send a transaction with their wallet. The message, or some variation of, purports that a security update is required to continue.

This is not the case.

The message is generated by the server you are connected to, and contains a link to a malicious modification of the wallet which, if installed, will result in the immediate theft of all of your money. If you install any software shown in a message such as this you have no recourse to recover your funds.

Lumi Wallet: Insecure or Scam ?

Another Cryptocurrency wallet, boasting next generation security has been released. The proprietary, Lumi Wallet has been identified as either a scam or simply an insecure application. In a blog post by wallet developer Daniel Staudigel the security flaws of Lumi Wallet were examined. According to Staudigel:

I know something is off — “truly private” and “web wallet” and “extremely secure” are impossible to have for the same product. If something is a web wallet, it’s definitely not extremely secure (see recent DNS attacks for MyEtherWallet), and it’s highly unlikely to be “truly private” due to technical limitations of the web.

ElectrumPro Scam
The official Electrum website is electrum.org. There is an electrum.com that appears to be a scam, which calls its software Electrum Pro. Do not download or run any executables from this site - its binaries have not been verified. The original Electrum software is written entirely in Python, meaning it should never be compiled to create binary files.