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Electrum Fishing Scheme Warning

A fishing malware scheme has been spotted targeting electrum wallet users. Electrum users are advised to read the warning explainer that has been setup here.

A malicious notification popup with a clickable link.

Users of many versions of Electrum released may see messages as pictured when attempting to send a transaction with their wallet. The message, or some variation of, purports that a security update is required to continue.

This is not the case.

The message is generated by the server you are connected to, and contains a link to a malicious modification of the wallet which, if installed, will result in the immediate theft of all of your money. If you install any software shown in a message such as this you have no recourse to recover your funds.

ElectrumPro Scam
The official Electrum website is electrum.org. There is an electrum.com that appears to be a scam, which calls its software Electrum Pro. Do not download or run any executables from this site - its binaries have not been verified. The original Electrum software is written entirely in Python, meaning it should never be compiled to create binary files.