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Ledger Live Desktop: v1.2.5
ledger-live-desktop version v1.2.5 released. Features Support for more derivations (#1599) Provide a way to inform users of eventual service disruption (#1615) Add links to Terms & Privacy Policy 🐛 Bugfixes Handle gaps in sqlite accounts (#1609) Wording fixes
Ledger Live Desktop: v1.1.9
ledger-live-desktop version v1.1.9 released. Integrate rebranding from Ripple to XRP Integrate rebranding from Zencash to Horizen Fix coreSyncAccount timeout error to occur for some users Better wordings Minor polishes: Automatically trim the address field Prevent crash to occur when pressing backspace in XRP fees More robust ‘Clean Cache’ implementation
Ledger Live Desktop: v1.1.7
ledger-live-desktop version 1.1.7 released. QR Code scanning is back 🎉 Segwit support added to Digibyte Luno, Shapeshift and Genesis added to Buy/Trade Fix Internal Process Error (null) error blocking sending funds for some accounts Fix display glitch in the amount field
Ledger Live Desktop: v1.1.6
ledger-live-desktop version 1.1.6 released. Fix Pivx failing synchronization due to zero-knowledge protocol (closes #1089) Fix Digibyte sync timeout/hang due to accounts with lot of transactions, this fix affect all other cryptos encountering same issue (“Oops! Time out error”) Synchronization performance boost
Ledger Live Desktop: v1.1.4
ledger-live-desktop version 1.1.4 released. New apps in the manager: Nano S: Icon, kusd, ont (ontology), particl, poa, rsk (rootstock), VeChain, Wanchain Blue: kusd, ont (ontology), poa, rsk, wanchain Enforce ETH address validation using eip55
Ledger Live Desktop: v1.1.0
ledger-live-desktop version 1.1.0 released. 🎉 Improved performance and various bugfixes. 🚀 Performance We have identified and fixed bottlenecks that were degrading app performance. This should address lags and very long Synchronization’s that ended with timeout errors. USB connectivity: The app will now only connect to Ledger devices whenever they are added. This increases USB performance and fixes some related bugs (#1058). UI file system database changes: The overall app frame rate increases with this change and file system usage should be more limited (1235).