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Payee Pay Fee

Lightning Network is currently starting to build up, it has recently passed 2 Million dollars in capacity, but its still far from being perfect, there’s currently very little ways of assessing how much fees a payer will pay, although its currently mostly a negligible value, it may not be in the future.

A use case of the Payee paying the fees of the transaction is used in almost every exchange platform, because on the main blockchain you can assess the current average fees and even figure out how much, on average, it will take your payment to be accepted by the network if you sent it with a definite amount, this currently does not exist in Lightning.

If the payee pays the fees the payer can route the payment towards complicit nodes that charge way higher fees than average.

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Notable issues and merges on Bitcoin Core, LND, c-lightning and libsecp256k1 Originally published by BitcoinOptech on newsletter #20 Bitcoin Core #14454 Adds support to the importmulti RPC for segwit addresses and scripts (P2WPKH, P2WSH, and P2SH-wrapped segwit). A new witnessscript parameter fulfills the same role for segwit as the redeemscript parameter for P2SH. Also a solvable parameter is added to the getaddressinfo RPC to let the user know whether the wallet knows the redeemScript or witnessScript for a P2SH or P2WSH address, i.