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Bisq Desktop: v0.8.0
Release notes This release adds two long requested payment methods (Face to Face payment and HalCash) improves everyone’s privacy by rounding fiat values and finally adds support for mobile notifications for your trades, market activity and price alerts. Although currently hidden the DAO code is also part of this release. Trading Rounding of fiat values to improve privacy Add mobile notifications Fix transaction broadcast issue Payment methods Add HalCash Add Face to Face payment Assets No new assets are listed until the Listing fee policy proposal reaches consensus.
Bisq Desktop: v0.7.1
Release notes This release adds acknowledgment status for trade, offer and dispute messages. This gives the user more information on each message status (message arrived, arrival confirmed, sent to mailbox) during its trade/dispute experience. Besides lots of bug fixes, MoneyGram was added as a new payment method and the account field for Argentinian banks support now non-standard account identifiers. Trading Ack messages for all trade, offer- and dispute messages Add referrer Id for external Bisq market makers Fix bug in edit offer screen Remove validation for Argentinian account numbers and allow manual edit Fix bug with Sepa offers and Sepa instant taker Lower minimum withdrawal fee to 1 satoshi per byte Fix reuse of change addresses Don’t treat RBF transactions as risky Fix wrong dust limit values in Bitcoinj Deactivate Venmo and CashApp Payment methods Add new payment method: MoneyGram Assets Add 28 new assets: 01coin, Aquachain, BitCloud, Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Instant, Credits, Cryptonodes, CryptoTari, DACash, Diamon, DRIP, FuturoCoin, Graft, LikeCoin, Lobstex, MaxCoin, MegaCoin, MicroCoin, Motion, Myriadcoin, Nano, NewPowerCoin, Nimiq, Pix, PixelPropertyToken, PRiVCY, Triton, Wavi
Bisq Desktop: v0.7.0

This release enables editing of offers, a long requested feature as well as a lot of UI improvements and WeChat Pay as a new payment method.

Release notes:


  • Add feature for editing offers

Payment methods:

  • Add new payment method: WeChat Pay
  • Add additional nationalAccountId field to enable national bank transfers in Argentina
  • Show Bank ID (BIC/SWIFT) for cash deposit in offer detaisl window and show popup when taking the offer to make sure the taker has a local bank branch in his area
  • Do not allow Sepa account for Revolut SEPA BICs (many banks did nto accept that BIC)


  • Add new altcoins: Pied Piper Coin, 10grans, Angelcoin, Arto, BitZeny, Bitcore, DSTRA, Dinero, Exceed, GeoCoin, Instacash, Koto, Kumacoin, LitecoinExtreme, MFCoin, Madbyte, Mazacoin, NEETCOIN, Phore, Qwark, ROIcoin, Ringo, Semux, Strayacoin, Tamadcoin, Ubiq, WorldMobileCoin, Xuez


  • Improve UI at create offer screen
  • Improve UI at offerbook screen
  • Improve UI at markets screen
  • Add trader icon to offer book
  • Adds information/warning icon for market based price input field
  • Add monospace font support and optimize alignment for number columns
  • Add number of open offers to currency filter popups
  • Improve info during trade process
  • Use auto focus on the first input field on all screens
  • Support quick access to top nav items with Alt 1–9 keyboard shortcuts
  • Make arbitration chat messages selectable
  • Fix bug with sorting in spread view


  • Migrate build from Maven to Gradle
  • Break up project in several sub projects
  • Extract asset (altcoins) handling to own project