Weekly Edition for Thursday, Nov 8

Improving payment UX with low-latency route probing

Pending payments are a common UX problem for LN that users often complain about. While the cause of this problem is not easily unraveled, there have been several issues involving stuck intermediate nodes awaiting revocation and recipients who can’t give timely preimage replies.

Fabrice Drouin proposed a change to address the issue using a faster “proceed/try another route” answer using a probe with a short timeout requirement. The system sends the blank probe request prior to sending the actual payment, via the same route.

Liquid Full Node and Wallet Releasesd by Blockstream

Blockstream announced the release of the Liquid full node binaries and source code available here.

Now any user can join the P2P Liquid Network by operating a full node, in order to trustlessly self-validate the chain just like they can with the Bitcoin network.

Included in this release are the Liquid full node liquidd and liquid-cli command-line utilities, complete with wallet support which enables users to self-manage L-BTC and other Liquid Assets.

lightning-dissector: A Wireshark Plugin for Lightning Network Protocol

Nayuta, a team currently developing a new Lightning Network implementation called ptarmigan, announced the release of a wireshark plugin for the Lightning Network (BOLT) protocol. The plugin is hosted here.

It’s alpha version, but it can decode some BOLT message. Currently, this software works for Nayuta’s implementation(ptarmigan) and Éclair. When ptarmigan is compiled with some option, it write out key information file. This Wireshark plug-in decode packet using that file. When you use Éclair, this software parse log file.

Commit Activity For Thu, Nov 08

Notable issues and merges on Bitcoin Core, LND, c-lightning and libsecp256k1

Originally published by BitcoinOptech on newsletter #20

Bitcoin Core #14454

Adds support to the importmulti RPC for segwit addresses and scripts (P2WPKH, P2WSH, and P2SH-wrapped segwit). A new witnessscript parameter fulfills the same role for segwit as the redeemscript parameter for P2SH. Also a solvable parameter is added to the getaddressinfo RPC to let the user know whether the wallet knows the redeemScript or witnessScript for a P2SH or P2WSH address, i.e. whether it knows how to create an unsigned input for spending payments sent to that address.

LND #2027

Adds a configuration option that allows a node to reject new channels being opened with an initial “push” of funds. This eliminates an occasional problem merchants are seeing where inexperienced users receive a BOLT11 invoice for some amount of money, realize they don’t have a channel open, and so manually open a channel with an initial payment for the invoiced amount. This manually-issued payment is not associated with the unique invoice, so the user doesn’t receive the product or service they attempted to purchase and the merchant needs to manually issue a refund (if they can). Merchants who enable the new configuration option provided by this PR will be able to automatically prevent users from making this mistake.

C-Lightning #2061

Fixes the overflow bug in bech32 decoding as described in the News section.

RFC Updates For Thursday, Nov 8


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  • Opened PRs: 0
BIP Title Type


  • Merged PRs: 1
  • Opened PRs: 2
  • Opened Issues: 0
BOLT Title Type
Modification of expressions mainly concerning ECDH function - link Merge PR
3 BOLT 3 : Fix ambiguity on HTLC transactions spendable by a penalty one - link Open PR
7 BOLT 7: Add note for ‘htlc_minimum_msat’ being static - link Open PR


  • Merged PRs: 11
  • Opened PRs: 1
  • Opened Issues: 0
SLIP Title Type
44 Update slip-0044.md with NULS main chain ID - link Merge PR
44 Update slip-0044.md - link Merge PR
Register coin type for the IOV token - link Merge PR
Adding in SFRX - link Merge PR
44 slip-0044: PIGGY -> ATOM - link Merge PR
Add City Coin (City Chain) to BIP44 slip - link Merge PR
Add c0ban (RYO) to list - link Merge PR
44 SLIP-0044 Add BNB - link Merge PR
Add Blocknode (BND) to list - link Merge PR
External link for Terracoin - link Merge PR
Add Amoveo [VEO] to list - link Merge PR
Release Type 118 (0x80000076) to ATOM for upcoming port of PIGGY to T… - link Open PR