Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #84
This week’s newsletter seeks help testing a Bitcoin Core release candidate and summarizes some discussion about the BIP119 OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY proposal. Also included is our regular section about notable code and documentation changes.
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #83
This week’s newsletter announces the release of Eclair 0.3.3, requests help testing a Bitcoin Core maintenance release, links to a new tool for experimenting with taproot and tapscript, summarizes discussion about safely generating schnorr signatures with precomputed public keys, and describes a proposal for interactive construction of LN funding transactions. Also included is our regular section about notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects.
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #82
This week’s newsletter announces the release of LND 0.9.0-beta, asks for help testing a release candidate for a Bitcoin Core maintenance release, describes a proposal to break the linkability between UTXOs and unannounced LN channels, and summarizes a modification to the proposed SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUTANYSCRIPT signature hash that may simplify management of payments in eltoo-based payment channels. Also included are our regular sections for popular Bitcoin StackExchange Q&A and notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure and documentation projects.
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #81
This week’s newsletter requests help testing a pre-release of the next major version of LND, seeks review of a method for sending payments as part of a chaumian coinjoin mix, links to a work-in-progress protocol specification for discreet log contracts, and includes our regular sections about notable changes to popular services, client software, and infrastructure projects.



project release date
ledger-live-common v12.7.1
  • Add AccountBridge#estimateMaxSpendable
  • Add accountWithMandatoryTokens(account)
  • ERC20 updates
  • (TRX): fix extra voteCount field
ledger-live-common v12.6.3
  • (TRX): added min transaction const for react integration
  • Fix getTrustedInput to support Zencash raw transactions with extra data
ledger-live-common v12.6.2
(Tron): add address explorer url
ledger-live-common v12.6.1
ledger-live-desktop v2.1.0

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the app to fade away at launch.
  • Fixed a crash on Windows that some users experienced after the previous update.
  • Fixed a ‘Missing inputs’ error when trying to send Horizen.
  • Fixed the date on the chart graph label that was one day off.
  • Toggling Hide empty token accounts in settings now refreshes the accounts list.

🎨 Other changes

  • New users are now guided to install apps or add accounts at the first use.
  • Terms and Conditions are now also available in Settings > About.
  • Slightly improved performance during account synchronization.
  • Minor user interface improvements in the Manager.
ledgerjs v5.12.2



  • Support fo 2.0.0 incoming app version
ledgerjs v5.11.4

  • Fix getTrustedInput to support Zencash raw transactions with extra data #566
  • exposes btc.getTrustedInput method
ledgerjs v5.11.1
  • Fixes trx flowtype
Samurai Wallet 0.99.92

sha256 hash: 31b1ebe6bb87978d95dc017157be9d06420ffa0570013a930498c0b26b840180

Version number in-app is incorrect. If internal APK hash in settings displays as above then you are using 0.99.92.

*** stealth launch, remote commands, SIM switch detection removed until further notice ***

Whirlpool coinjoin inside improved utxo management UI complete coin control #Cahoots UI for 2-wallet coinjoins: Stowaway (payjoin spend), STONEWALLx2 Pair Whirlpool to Dojo Pair Samourai to Dojo (create wallet) Spend from post-mix Whirlpool PayNym UI updated Whirlpool GUI pairing Tor support for additional architectures New network screen UI New balance screen UI Tor integrated in-app, Tor #Cahoots Easter Egg: 2-wallet coinjoins: Stowaway (payjoin spend), STONEWALLx2 Display transaction entropy pre-spend PayNym: 1-touch "refund" & "pay again" nLockTime staggered Ricochet label your utxos Stowaway on testnet: 2-wallet coinjoin testbed (PayJoin/P2EP) updated fee selection updated spend & receive UI sign messages from Address Calculator txTenna integration bitcoin only, no fiat fx PayNym may use Segwit addresses offline mode address calculation tools PayNym address calculation tool updated receive screen updated transaction sequence: compose-sign-broadcast display wallet amounts by address type full BIP84/bech32 support STONEWALL spend Ricochet 2.0 multi-hop spend sweep BIP84 (Bech32) & BIP49 (P2SH-P2WPKH) private keys displays YPUB of BIP49 account, ZPUB of BIP84 account OXT transaction view batch send improved fee selection & display support for BIP47 payment code directory optional setting: like-typed outputs (better privacy) vs all segwit outputs (lower fees) block utxo of non-broadcast transactions push any signed transaction (hex format) via 'broadcast transaction hex' in settings sign messages with Segwit (P2SH-P2WPKH) privkey like-typed inputs (p2pkh or segwit) will match type of outputs (wallet balance permitting) real time alert if wallet is being "dusted" (ie. incoming tx >546 & <1000) all utxo are now "blockable" and will not be spent if so marked optionally show redeem script of Segwit utxo full support for Segwit (P2SH-P2WPKH) Mule tools (offline transactions) balance & utxo via Samourai backend API fork detection read, validate, sweep OpenDime Segwit & UASF block explorers new metadata format improved wallet recovery UI/UX 0-fee tx possible using trusted node Custom fee lower limit now 1 sat/b Sign messages w/ any utxo privkey Exchange rate modifs (replace Bitcoin Average by Bitfinex) Updated launch icon Optionally show privkey of utxo Opt-in RBF (replace-by-fee) CPFP (child-pays-for-parent) for unconfirmed sent transactions CPFP (child-pays-for-parent) for unconfirmed received transactions display up-to-date miners' fees allow custom fee on spend PoW check when using trusted node spend via preferred trusted full node UTXO list dynamic fee for BIP47 notif tx

bcoin v2.0.0 2020-03-13
pycoin 0.90.20200322 2020-03-23


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0322 bip-322: simplify proposal to single proof case 2020-03-25 Update
bip bip-0039 BIP 39: Update Rust implementation 2020-03-18 New PR
bip bip-0039 Replace elixir bip39 implementation 2020-03-17 Merged
bip bip-0325 bip-325: genesis block/message start 2020-03-16 Update
bip bip-0036 Reject BIP-0036 2020-03-13 New PR
bolt routing gossip Clarify Bolt 7 intro 2020-03-24 Update
bolt X Test Vectors in JSON 2020-03-23 Update
bolt X Anchor outputs 2020-03-21 Update
bolt X Allow More than one Address of a given type 2020-03-20 Merged
bolt transactions Update BOLT 3 transaction test vectors to use static_remotekey 2020-03-20 Update
bolt routing gossip WIP: BOLT 7: Onion message support. 2020-03-20 Update
bolt X Avoid stuck channels after fee increase with additional reserve 2020-03-20 Update
bolt X Add advisory section for wumbo channels confirmations 2020-03-19 Update
bolt messaging Bolt 1: Specify that extensions to existing messages must use TLV 2020-03-17 Update
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/03/30 2020-03-17 New Issue
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/03/16 2020-03-17 Update
bolt X Reply channel range simplification 2020-03-16 Update
bolt payment encoding BOLT11 additional and negative tests 2020-03-16 Update
bolt X minor grammar and format fixes 2020-03-15 Update
bolt X Waiting room for feature assignments 2020-03-14 Update
bolt routing gossip [WIP] BOLT 7: Inventory-based gossip 2020-03-13 Update
slip slip-0013 Extending SLIP 13 and SLIP 17 to accommodate synthesis of keys for certs 2020-03-24 Update
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044 to add Provenance 2020-03-23 Merged
slip X Add Kumacoin (KUMA) 2020-03-19 Merged
slip slip-0044 Add CFX to slips-0044 2020-03-18 Merged
slip X Add ThoughtAI 2020-03-17 Merged
slip slip-0039 SLIP39 vs BIP39 4 characters recovery seed words 2020-03-17 Closed
slip X Requesting the addition of Rupaya 2020-03-13 Merged