Weekly Edition for Thursday, Sep 1



project release date
BTC Pay Server v1.6.10

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Wallet Transactions screen not loading in case of older payout labels (#4078) @Kukks
  • Fix missing route hints for LNURL (#4077) @dennisreimann
  • Fix API Docs url (#4061) @dennisreimann
  • Fix Pay button logo and url (#4054) @dennisreimann
python-bitcoinlib python-bitcoinlib-v0.11.2
  • Fixed one remaining use of OpenSSL for RIPEMD-160
python-bitcoinlib python-bitcoinlib-v0.11.1
  • Pure-python RIPEMD-160, for newer versions of OpenSSL without RIPEMD-160 support.
  • Signet support


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0351 New BIP 351: Private Payments 2022-08-30 Update
bip bip-0322 [BIP322] remove empty message requirement for full (proof-of-funds) proofs 2022-08-29 Update
bip bip-0370 nit: fix typo in bip-0370 test vectors. 2022-08-28 Update
bip bip-0047 BIP47: Define address types explicitly 2022-08-28 Closed
bolt X interactive-tx: Add dual-funding flow, using the interactive tx protocol (feature 28/29) 2022-08-31 Update
bolt transactions bolt3: Clarify order of operations for HTLC amount calculation 2022-08-30 Merged
bolt X Add test vectors for option_anchors_zero_fee_htlc_tx 2022-08-30 Update
bolt peer protocol bolt2: fee_range clarification 2022-08-30 Update
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2022/08/29 2022-08-30 Update
bolt X Ability to set inbound and outbound fees 2022-08-30 Update
bolt peer protocol BOLT 2: forget the check about `update_*` messages, and check what must not happens during `shutdown` 2022-08-29 Closed
bolt X option_closing_rejected: turn-based fee_range coop close 2022-08-29 Update
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2022/08/15 2022-08-29 Closed
bolt routing gossip BOLT 7: Onion message support (features 38/39) 2022-08-27 Update
bolt X Route Blinding (Feature 24/25) 2022-08-27 Update
slip slip-0032 BIP-32 for BLS signature 2022-08-31 Update
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add (avian network#921) 2022-08-29 Merged
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md 2022-08-28 Merged