Weekly Edition for Thursday, Aug 4



project release date
BTC Pay Server v1.6.4


  • If a webhook is the loopback address, skip SSL verification @Kukks

Bug fixes:

  • Minor checkout UI fix (#4015) @dennisreimann
  • Greenfield: Update webhook would reset the secret (#4010) @Kukks
  • Fix crash when BTC network isn't available (#4007) @Kukks
  • Make InvoicePaymentSettled return correct afterExpiration value (#3966) @Kukks
  • Greenfield: Allow tagging a transaction even if it hasn't been yet broadcasted @Kukks


  • The invoice filter dropdown list labels should be "Settled invoice" rather than "Paid invoice" (#4000 #3573) @BitcoinABee
BTC Pay Server v1.6.5

Bug fixes:

  • Fix crash when running BTCPay without BTC (#4017) @NicolasDorier


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0039 BIP39 Turkish Wordlist - Proposal 2022-08-02 Update
bip bip-0148 Explain that BIP148 may not lead to the activation of SegWit. 2022-08-01 Update
bip bip-0045 BIP45 modification or new BIP: Multiple Multisig Accounts 2022-08-01 Update
bip bip-0069 Add implementation to bip-0069.mediawiki 2022-08-01 Update
bolt X Add funding outpoint sigs to tx_signatures message 2022-08-03 Update
bolt routing gossip BOLT 7: add gossip address descriptor type DNS hostname 2022-08-02 Merged
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2022/07/04 2022-08-01 Closed
bolt routing gossip bolt7 typo: "newest" channel_update, not "oldest". 2022-08-01 Merged
slip X Update Coin 2022-08-03 Merged
slip X Add Metaprotocol 2022-07-31 Merged
slip X Remove Metaprotocol 2022-08-04 Merged