Weekly Edition for Thursday, Oct 28



project release date
c-lightning v0.10.2rc1 2021-10-24
ledger-live-common v21.11.0

work load from 21.8.2 to 21.11.0:

  • LL-7776 Reduce number of syncSuccess events tracked (#1048)
  • Update polkadot libs (#1462)
    • Updated min version for Polkadot and Elrond apps (#1481)
  • Cache the network call to fetch polkadot metadata (#1480)
  • LL-6995 Add Platform exchange device actions and commands (#1363)
  • LL-7728 update stellar sdk (#1472)
  • LL-7233 - SWAP - Fix the sort algorithm from usePickDefaultAccount hook (#1433)
  • Update ledgerjs versions with latest erc20

Experimental / not enabled in production

  • Elrond hash signing support (#1482)
  • Experimental taproot support via btcjs (experimental currency implementation)
ledger-live-common v21.12.1
  • sync explorer config with remote config (XSN, KMD => v3)
  • btcjs / taproot batch of fixes
    • LL-7642 Throw AccountNeedResync in all relevant cases
    • LL-7895 Fix txs storage management in wallet-btc

others - add memo support for crypto.com (#1485) - sync tezos bakers list (maintenance)

ledger-live-desktop v2.34.4
  • Upgrade Stellar SDK to support Protocol 18
ledgerjs v6.11.1
hw-app-btc: taproot fixes

  • Pass sigHashType to device (#690)
  • Add callbacks (#689)
  • Fix incorrect handling of redeemScript (#691)
ledgerjs v6.11.2

hw-app-btc patch for future taproot support

  • GET_MERKLE_LEAF_PROOF: Switch from 4 byte ints to varints (#687)
  • Refactoring: Move account specific behavior to separate classes (#693)
  • Fix restriction on change path item and log warn (#692)

thanks @kallerosenbaum


  • fixes LL-6633 update lnsp block size


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0340 BIP340: Make reference impl accept None for aux_rand 2021-10-27 Closed
bip X Create semgrep-analysis.yml 2021-10-22 Closed
bip bip-0341 BIP 341: fix SigMsg length calculation 2021-10-22 Closed
bolt X process: bLIP 0001 2021-10-27 Update
bolt X README.md: fix typo (in name of mailing list) 2021-10-27 Merged
bolt X Trampoline Routing (2021 edition) (Feature 24/25) 2021-10-26 Update
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/10/11 2021-10-26 Closed
bolt X websocket address type: allow transport over RFC6455 2021-10-25 Update
bolt messaging BOLT 1: adds remote address to optional init_tlvs (IP discovery) 2021-10-25 Update
bolt X Add a `max_dust_htlc_exposure_msat` 2021-10-25 Update
bolt X Make Markdown linguist-detectable 2021-10-25 Merged
slip X Add Gitopia (LORE) 2021-10-26 Merged
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md 2021-10-25 Update
slip X Remove trademark violation 2021-10-28 Closed