Weekly Edition for Thursday, Aug 19


project release date
zap-desktop v0.7.4-beta

Release notes

Bug Fixes

  • deps: update dependency debug to v4.3.2 (853c9b9)
  • deps: update dependency lodash to v4.17.21 security
  • lnd: update log parsing to detect neutrino wallet state (1e506a3)


  • lnd: depreciated assumechanvalid param (ebff95f)
  • lnd: update lnd to v0.13.1-beta (835d0b6)


The full list of changes since 0.7.3-beta can be found here:


Verifying the Release

Please refer to our documentation for instructions on how to verify the release.

ledger-live-common v21.2.0

update a few libraries:

also includes

  • missing Add operationMode type for Polkadot #1345
  • Jira context missing [FIX] remove duplicated src/platform/api folder #1327
  • (not to test yet) CryptoOrg fixes (disabled atm)
  • (not to test yet) Elrond support (disabled atm)
ledgerjs v6.5.0

hw-app-eth fixes

  • Fix invalid ChainID when it intersects with APDU boundary (#644) thanks @hectorchu @pscott
  • Fixes to allow same contractAddress on diff chainId/blockchains (#647)

crypto-assets update

  • LL-5718 Fix Stealthcoin explorer URL (#643)
  • Enable stETH countervalues for Ledger Live
BTC Pay Server v1.2.1

Bug fix:

  • Fix Display app on website root feature @NicolasDorier


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0174 [BIP174] Fix broken link to psbt2 2021-08-17 Merged
bip bip-0155 BIP155: change when sendaddrv2 is to be sent 2021-08-14 Merged
bolt payment encoding Make payment secret mandatory and update Bolt 11 test vectors 2021-08-17 Merged
bolt X Ability to set inbound and outbound fees 2021-08-15 Update
slip slip-0173 Add Persistence Chain to SLIP 173 2021-08-18 Merged
slip slip-0173 Add Cosmos Ecosystem chains to SLIP 173 2021-08-18 Merged
slip X Add Sommelier to prefix list 2021-08-19 Merged