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c-lightning v0.10.1

We're pleased to announce the 0.10.1 release of c-lightning, named by @nalinbhardwaj.

This is a recommended upgrade: payment secrets in invoices are now compulsory, and offers and dual funding drafts have been updated, so these (experimental) features are incompatible with previous releases!

NOTE: Users of the rebalance or drain plugins MUST update, as payment secret is now compulsory.

Highlights for Users

  • experimental-dual-fund allows advertizement of funding rates which we will contribute to channels automatically, on a 1-month lease.
  • withdraw and close (if peer supports) now supports Taproot (and other future) addresses.
  • listchannels can now be queried by destination, as well as source.
  • plugin rescan now automatically reloads plugins which have changed.
  • We try to restart automatically if we notice subdaemons have been upgraded underneath us.
  • fundpsbt will no longer include uneconomic UTXOs (unless all).
  • close will return a stream of notifications if there is a delay in closing.
  • Unilateral close feerates were reduced from bitcoind's "2 CONSERVATIVE" to "6 ECONOMICAL".
  • Tor v2 is deprecated: please upgrade to v3!
  • Fixed disconnection bug when an HTLC failed.
  • Fixed bug in rapid feerate changes, and make code space them out (LND compat).
  • Fixed bug where Tor on different ports could be advertized incorrectly.
  • Fixed various bugs to make pay more robust.

Highlights for the Network

  • payment secrets in invoices are now compulsory, finally closing a potential probing (or, with amountless invoices, stealing) attack.
  • option_shutdown_anysegwit allows peers to close channels to any future segwit version address (taproot!).
  • keysend now understands routehints, for routing to unpublished nodes, and sets the final CLTV to 22, for rust-lightning nodes.
  • invoice now allows creation of wumbo invoices (> 0.0429 BTC).
  • We will now discuss old channels with peers who reconnect, even if we consider them closed.

Highlights for Developers

  • Manual pages now document exactly the JSON you can expect from each command (and it's tested!)
  • Plugins can now publish notifications for other plugins to listen to.
  • force-feerates allows complete feerate override (mainly for regtest), and a bug fixed where we could send 0 update_fee on regtest.
  • The HSM daemon is now separated into libhsmd, which also provides Python bindings.
  • createonion can now make variable-sized onions, and sendonion no longer requires direction and channel for firsthop.
  • dev-sendcustommsg is now simply sendcustommsg.
  • Many offers API improvements and updates, including unsigned offers (smaller QR codes!).

More details can be found in the changelog.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep them coming.

Since 0.10.0, we've had 526 commits from 15 different authors over 114 days.

A special thanks goes to the 6 first time contributors:

  • Nalin Bhardwa
  • Nathanael
  • LightningHelper
  • OpenOms
  • Urza
  • Valentine Wallace

Cheers, Lisa, Christian, ZmnSCPxj, Rusty.

ledger-live-common v21.1.0
Upgrade libraries: - hw-app-eth (no impact) - polkadot libs - walletconnect - ripple - stellar
ledger-live-common v21.0.0

🎊 live-common migrated to TypeScript! 🎊

ledger-live-desktop v2.32.2

🚀 Features

  • Swap with Wyre for U.S. customers!
  • Live now supports BSC! Send and receive them today!
  • Stake your ETH on Lido to migrate from ETH 1 to ETH 2.

🐛 Fixes

  • Wording improvements
  • Better error handling for outdated firmware
  • Removed memo input on XLM integration
  • Fixes build for some Linux distributions (GLIBCXX issue)
ledger-live-desktop v2.32.0
(cancelled, 2.32.1 replaces it. builds available for internal test of upgrade 2.32.0->2.32.1)
ledgerjs v6.4.1
  • hw-app-eth: Fixes the support of chainID that are higher than 4-bytes long. (#641)
    • this is non breaking changes (still works with old or new Ethereum app)
    • ⚠️ it actually is breaking change for the usage of byContractAddress(addr) which became byContractAddressAndChainId(addr, chainId)
    • a new Etheruem app will be made available to come with this changes and make these chainID (e.g. Palm) fully functional.
BTC Pay Server v1.2.0


  • Migrate to Bootstrap5 (#2490) @dennisreimann
  • Greenfield: Server Info: Support all currency codes for sync status (#2511) @kukks
  • Greenfield: Add StoreId to Invoice model (#2592) @kukks
  • Greenfield: Change enabledOnly filter to enabled @kukks
  • Self host PoS app default images (#2449) @dennisreimann
  • Various UI Tweaks and improvements (#2558 #2562 #2568 #2572 #2606 #2608 #2615 #2627 #2628 #2649 #2645 #2673 #2646 #2647 #2745 #2746) @dstrukt @dennisreimann @woutersamaey @johanf85 @bolatovumar
  • Notify users to use newer BTCPay Vault app if necessary @nicolasdorier
  • Set lightning invoice fallback in QR code as uppercase (#2492) @bjarnemagnussen @Kukks
  • Optimize payout database fetching @nicolasdorier
  • Wallet Signing UI improvements (#2559) @dennisreimann
  • Add payjoin to hot wallet setup and turn on by default (#2450) @dennisreimann
  • Add permission code to API page (#2599) @woutersamaey @dennisreimann
  • Introduce Server paging for Payouts List (#2564) @kukks @dennisreimann
  • Hide referer URL to hide our BTCPay Server URL (#2655) @woutersamaey
  • Deeper accessibility for plugin system @kukks
  • Add webhook delivery status indicator (#2679) @bolatovumar
  • Auto-select store when creating a new invoice (#2680) @bolatovumar
  • Save paymentRequestId in Metadata when creating invoice for Payment Request (#2644) @woutersamaey
  • Support multiple file upload (#2705) @cypherbeerus
  • Improve Dutch translation (https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver/commit/7ac83575d4c50e42f2ecc02c8bf80f66697b6d57) @woutersamaey
  • Improve Portuguese translation (https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver/commit/7ac83575d4c50e42f2ecc02c8bf80f66697b6d57) rafaelpac
  • Improve payment view (#2748) @dennisreimann @dstrukt
  • Improve Wallet Send UI (#2750) @dennisreimann
  • Show new store warning icon only if neither on-chain wallet nor LN is configured (#2760) @bolatovumar
  • Update successful refund message (#2764) @cypherbeerus
  • Fix translation on finnish, bulgarian, Kazath (fa91174b1a310e46a37e1862f2b9c263f5e26408, 10e3595a829052573a9918eacafabc6d10e03ea6 965beebc6624906a1f3127623576088dee23e9bf) @NicolasDorier

New features:

  • Greenfield: Delete User API (#2340) @bolatovumar @kukks
  • Can create invoices without a specific amount: Top-up invoices (#2730 #2659) @NicolasDorier
  • Greenfield: Add misc/permissions to document the hierarchical structure (#2654) @nicolasdorier
  • Greenfield: Add "skip" and "limit" params for onchain txs API endpoint (#2688) @bolatovumar
  • Greenfield: Add CanModifyInvoices permission (#2595) @kukks
  • Greenfield: Add text search terms to an invoice (#2648) @NicolasDorier
  • Greenfield: Add Get store Payment methods API (#2545) @kukks @bolatovumar
  • GreenField: Add Generate Store OnChain Wallet API (#2708) @kukks
  • Test Webhooks functionality (#2474) @bolatovumar
  • Allow marking payout as paid manually (#2539) @Kukks
  • Pull payments: Detect External OnChain Payouts (#2462) @Kukks
  • Auto-detect language on payment page (#2552) @woutersamaey @Kukks
  • Support spending to Taproot (#2718) @nicolasdorier
  • Show Immature Balance in walletsend page (#2731 @732) @sageprogrammer @nicolasdorier
  • Add hebrew translation for checkout (https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver/commit/7ac83575d4c50e42f2ecc02c8bf80f66697b6d57) @jonathanalevi
  • Add korean translation for checkout (https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver/commit/7ac83575d4c50e42f2ecc02c8bf80f66697b6d57) Saeyoung Kim

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue with mysql migration and maxLength (#2541) @jkljajic
  • Fix broken shopify links @kukks
  • Fix bug with LN payment method API endpoint throwing 500 (#2567) @bolatovumar
  • Fix various wording and typos @pavlenex @britttttk @Zaxounette Jimi Ford
  • Fix visual bug with invoices search help text overlapping invoice action buttons (#2583) @bolatovumar
  • Fix: Invoice Search Text crashes invoice creation when value is too long (#2675) @kukks
  • Greenfield documentation fixes (#2657 #2674 #2681 #2598) @woutersamaey @bolatovumar
  • Re-enable "Create" button for invoices on correct form input (#2694) @bolatovumar
  • Fix: Payment Request status does not update on invoice marked events or when pr amount is changed (#2700) @kukks
  • Properly clip taxIncluded and invoice's amount (#2724) @nicolasdorier
  • Fix PoS bug on dark mode (#2743) @dennisreimann
  • Remove support for payout to a Bitcoin Url (#2766) @NicolasDorier
  • Fix: Support Clightning 0.10.1 @kukks


type rfc # title date status
bip X Limit the valid segwit address lengths. 2021-08-12 Update
bip bip-0141 [BIP 141] slight witness version byte push clarification 2021-08-12 Update
bip bip-0157 Add 'Implementations' section to BIP-157 and BIP-158 2021-08-12 Update
bip bip-0020 Replace invalid example address with bip20 address 2021-08-12 Closed
bip bip-0143 BIP143 example and clarify 2021-08-12 Merged
bip bip-0039 BIP39: Clarify necessity for ideographic spaces. 2021-08-12 Merged
bolt X Make invoice's `s` flag mandatory ? 2021-08-10 Closed
bolt payment encoding Use TLV in Bolt 11 invoices 2021-08-10 Closed
bolt X Asymmetric features 2021-08-10 Closed
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/07/05 2021-08-10 Closed
bolt X feature nomeculture 2021-08-10 Closed
bolt X Should the `htlc_maximum_msat` and `htlc_minimum_msat` fields in the `channel_update` be dynamic? 2021-08-09 Update
bolt X Replace "than" with "as" 2021-08-12 Merged
bolt X Pick a licence for the specs 2021-08-12 Closed
slip X Adding Sora Network with coins XOR, VAL, PSWAP 2021-08-11 Merged