Weekly Edition for Thursday, Mar 18


project release date
ledger-live-common v18.8.0

Big release!

Preferred new account scheme (Bitcoin family) – UX breaking, need associated PR

Gives more explanation and better UI regarding the Segwit vs Native Segwit choices. It also makes it possible to chose Legacy.

  • LL-3936 (AddAcounts): add preferred new account scheme to the add accounts @LFBarreto

Notification center work

Ship work of https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-live-common/tree/master/src/notifications from @valpinkman & @IAmMorrow

Stellar rework in JavaScript

⚠️ REVERTED by 18.8.1

Using Stellar SDK, we have fully migrated to JavaScript implementation, reducing tech debt and fixing bugs on the way. Kudos to people involved in this https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-live-common/pull/1096 @henri-ly @haammar-ledger @ksiva-ledger

Portfolio V2 rework

In light of (cache) bugs to fix as well as feature to provide in portfolio (e.g. all time range). We have shipped in this release another implementation of portfolio. Which will not yet be enabled by default as we are still going to work on it with @JunichiSugiura.

We also have a "benchmarker" to compare the performance of the two implementations. Right now, our V2 rework have no cache at all so it's about x5 less performant, but I think we'll reverse this stats once we had one.

Polkadot fixes – UX breaking: need to update some wording

  • [COIN-1401] DOT: rename error (#1097)
  • [COIN-1398] add reaping with send max (#1092)
  • [COIN-1401] DOT bond: warning if few leftover (#1095)


  • ⚠️ REVERTED by 18.8.1 LL-4834 – GasLessThanEstimate is now an error (#1088) that will prevent users to try to go lower than the estimation which will mostly always fails at broadcast.
  • Ethereum Ropsten accounts are no longer derived on 44'/1'/ path but on 44'/60'/ which means they will have same address as Ethereum accounts. It's the accepted convention in Ethereum ecosystem. If you want to keep your previous ropsten, just use an older Live to transfer them. (no need to scan these as "legacy" even tho we could make it so)
  • Some tokens on Ethereum Ropsten are now available.


  • [Cosmos] Filter the cacheValidators list (#1090)
  • LL-4667 LL-4856 Stargate: fix bad logic in canEstimateGas (#1091)
ledger-live-common v18.8.1
  • rollback stellarjs implementation because it have small bugs and we merged it too quickly.
  • Revert "LL-4834 – GasLessThanEstimate in errors (#1088)" because we didn't see the UI implication it would raise and we need more time to design it.
  • update libs
    • important ERC20 update (one ticker conflict with another and make it wrong countervalues)
    • maintenance update of wallet connect and ripple-lib. it's a patch but let's validate.
ledger-live-desktop v2.24.0

🐛 Fixes

  • Fixed error when adding an account.
  • UI improvements in the settings pages and DOT integration.
  • Removed a decimal in countervalue format.
  • Fixed input field validation errors that were cropped.
  • Currencies now sorted when searching.
  • Cosmos "insufficient funds" send bug fixed.
  • Upgraded XRP endpoint to xrpcluster.com
ledgerjs v5.47.0
  • @ledgerhq/cryptoassets: added some ropsten tokens for testing purpose.
ledgerjs v5.46.0

Introducing 4 new libraries: hw-app-cosmos, hw-app-tezos, hw-app-algorand, hw-app-polkadot

They have been used by many users in production on Ledger Live (Tezos was released more than a year ago up to Polkadot which was released this month).


  • update ERC20 list (generated) c31bb7b16811a5ba43352f97ee853753fdcc1dfd
WalletWasabi v1.1.12.5


The recent macOS update broke the initialization of the build-in Tor client in Wasabi. As a result, the client was not able to start Tor client, thus it was not able to connect to our Backend.

  • Tor fix on the newest macOS.
  • Update HWI to 2.0.0
  • Add Ledger Nano X support

Newbie Guide

While setting up Wasabi is straightforward, even a Linux wizard with the longest beard can get stuck on the most basic tasks. Consider taking a look at the Installation Instructions guide.

Advanced Guide

If you want to build Wasabi from source code or update the source code check out these instructions.

From version 1.1.3 Wasabi also introduces reproducible builds: Deterministic Build Guide

Build with .NET Core 3.1.407-win-x64.


  • Frequently asked questions here.
  • Requirements? x64, Linux, >Win10, >macOS 10.13.

Release Notes



type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0322 bip322: (another) significant overhaul 2021-03-16 Merged
bip X Fixing Simple Signer Algorithm 2021-03-15 Merged
bip bip-0370 Add BIP 370: PSBT Version 2 2021-03-15 Merged
bip bip-0085 BIP 85: fixed some typos and minor English mistakes 2021-03-15 Merged
bip bip-0085 BIP85: fixed test vector. 2021-03-15 Merged
bip bip-0002 Fix typos in BIP 2 2021-03-15 Merged
bip X Propagate summary tone of BIP Comments to their applicable BIP preambles 2021-03-13 Merged
bolt X Public key-based routing (Feature 26/27) 2021-03-17 Update
bolt routing gossip BOLT 7 : SHOULD accept channel_update for its own channel, ambiguity on forwading parameters 2021-03-16 Closed
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/02/15 2021-03-15 Closed
bolt X Recurring Payments 2021-03-14 Update
slip slip-0044 slip-0044 Adding Zarb coin. 2021-03-12 Merged
slip X Added TENT Simple Ledger Protocol (TENTSLP) 2021-03-18 Merged