Weekly Edition for Thursday, Feb 4



project release date
ledger-live-common v18.3.3
  • revert some changes in libcore logic that was creating false positive sync that was emptying accounts on BTC & alts (recent regression, not in production)
ledger-live-common v18.3.2
  • fixes a recent regression: Use correct unit for swap rate errors
  • feat(Polkadot): improve fees cache by using tx bytesize - COIN-1249
  • feat(Polkadot): cache sidecar fetchConstants - COIN-1248
ledger-live-desktop v2.21.3

🚀 Features

  • Various improvements in user experience.
  • Added Cosmos alert about upcoming blockchain maintenance.

🐛 Fixes

  • Fixed fiat value for many tokens including UNI.
  • Issue with new Ethereum accounts due to API is now fixed.
  • Fixed swap status, tooltips and icons.
BTC Pay Server v1.0.6.8
This release is trying some improvement to decrease the chances of being falsy flagged by Google Safe Browsing.

  • Remove Tor URL from login page (useless now thanks to the url bar link) @dennisreimann
  • Remove allowtransparency from checkout overlay @dennisreimann
  • Remove clipboard code from the login page (was used to copy the tor url) @dennisreimann
  • Rename some pages from PascalCase to lowercase. (Register => register, Login => login) @dennisreimann
lnd v0.12.1-beta.rc1 2021-02-04


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0350 Add BIP 350 (bech32m) 2021-02-03 Merged
bip bip-0174 BIP 174: require creator to initialize empty output fields 2021-02-03 Merged
bip bip-0141 bip-0141: clarify the sigop count calculation for CHECKMULTISIG 2021-02-03 Merged
bip bip-0002 README: Link BIP 2 for submissions 2021-02-03 Merged
bip bip-0079 Update bip-0079.mediawiki 2021-02-03 Merged
bip bip-0039 Annasadra/bip-0039/"Ethereum"/"word":"riffle" 2021-02-03 Closed
bip bip-0322 BIP-322: minor clarification 2021-02-03 Merged
bip bip-0085 BIP 0085: Add link to JavaScript library implementation 2021-02-03 Merged
bip X Avoid public keys starting with `02`, `03` and `04` bytes 2021-02-03 Closed
bip bip-0008 BIP8: Make signalling during LOCKED_IN recommended rather than mandatory 2021-02-02 Merged
bip bip-0322 BIP-322 major fixes (verification, etc) 2021-02-02 Merged
bip bip-0008 BIP8: allow some MUST_SIGNAL blocks to not signal 2021-02-04 Merged
bip bip-0175 Reject BIP175 2021-02-04 Merged
bip X fixed typos 2021-02-04 Merged
bip bip-0034 BIP34 encoding clarification 2021-02-04 Merged
bolt transactions BOLT3: Add internal links to section 9 (anchor outputs) 2021-02-02 Merged
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/01/18 2021-02-02 Closed
bolt routing gossip BOLT 7: Add note for 'htlc_minimum_msat' being static 2021-01-31 Closed