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ledgerjs v5.36.0
BTC Pay Server v1.0.6.3

New features

  • Greenfield API: Can update invoice metadata @Kukks
  • Greenfield API: User notifications API @Kukks
  • Greenfield API: Can specify the preferred language when creating an invoice @NicolasDorier
  • Greenfield API: Can specify the URL to redirect customer to when he paid when creating an invoice @NicolasDorier
  • Greenfield API: Expose the checkoutLink of the created invoice, where you need to redirect your customer to pay in BTC @NicolasDorier
  • Add a Mark all as seen button to the notification dropdown @ubolator
  • Support of Armenian language in checkout page. Thanks to Mash Mashok
  • Add ability to add custom CSS to pull payments @ubolator
  • Introduce some basic spam protection for hosts with open registration (see #2106) @Kukks


  • Hide pagination & page size when not necessary (#2122) @dennisreimann @dstrukt
  • Document in /docs miscellaneous features of BTCPay (such as optional arguments of the checkout page) @NicolasDorier
  • UI: Improve mobile store setup view @dennisreimann @dstrukt
  • Improve U2F support, should leverage OS support and now work properly on mobile Safari (See #2086) @dennisreimann
  • Improve how new label picked their color (See #2072) @ubolator
  • Improve the design of transaction's label dropdown to fix display issue when there are too many (see #2078) @ubolator

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure campaign status is shown correctly in minimal crowdfund app (#2062) @ubolator
  • Can remove automatic labels from invoices @NicolasDorier
  • Fix Pay Button Link preview when app mode chosen (#2115) @Kukks
  • If the user was not admin, the API Keys page was ignoring some of the checked permissions @NicolasDorier
  • Greenfield API: If invoice creation failed for some reason, BTCPay would give a HTTP 500 error without details helping the user. @NicolasDorier
  • Fix performance issue: Some invoice queries were causing a full table scan on all invoices rather than using an index. @NicolasDorier
  • Fix: Importing an incorrect wallet from BlueWallet was crashing (#2098) @Kukks
  • Fix classic theme for payment requests (Fix #2084) @dennisreimann


  • Removing the bitpay invoice translator @NicolasDorier
  • Improve the documentation of API Keys page @NicolasDorier
  • Fix doc for create invoice request's metadata @NicolasDorier
  • Fix docs for pull payments @Kukks
lnd v0.12.0-beta.rc1

This release marks the first major release in the v0.12.x series! As this is a major release several new features are included in this release including: anchor commitment types are now the default, anchor commitment support for watchtowers, new arguments to auto compact the database as well as drop the wtxmgr state, generic wallet PSBT crafting+signing, and more more! As usual this release contains several important bug fixes, so we recommend at all users update.

Database Migrations


Verifying the Release

In order to verify the release, you'll need to have gpg or gpg2 installed on your system. Once you've obtained a copy (and hopefully verified that as well), you'll first need to import the keys that have signed this release if you haven't done so already:

curl https://keybase.io/roasbeef/pgp_keys.asc | gpg --import

Once you have the required PGP keys, you can verify the release (assuming manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt and manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.sig are in the current directory) with:

gpg --verify manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.sig

You should see the following if the verification was successful:

gpg: assuming signed data in 'manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt'
gpg: Signature made Tue Dec 15 18:57:27 2020 PST
gpg:                using RSA key 60A1FA7DA5BFF08BDCBBE7903BBD59E99B280306
gpg: Good signature from &#34;Olaoluwa Osuntokun <laolu32@gmail.com>&#34; [ultimate]

That will verify the signature of the manifest file, which ensures integrity and authenticity of the archive you've downloaded locally containing the binaries. Next, depending on your operating system, you should then re-compute the sha256 hash of the archive with shasum -a 256 <filename>, compare it with the corresponding one in the manifest file, and ensure they match exactly.

For this release roasbeef's signature is the secondary signature which can be verified with the following command:

gpg --verify roasbeef-manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.sig manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt
gpg: Signature made Wed Sep 30 17:35:20 2020 PDT
gpg:                using RSA key 4AB7F8DA6FAEBB3B70B1F903BC13F65E2DC84465
gpg: Good signature from &#34;Olaoluwa Osuntokun <laolu32@gmail.com>&#34; [ultimate]

Verifying the Release Timestamp

From this new version onwards, in addition time-stamping the git tag with OpenTimeStamps, we'll also now timestamp the manifest file along with its signature. Two new files are now included along with the rest of our release artifacts: manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.sig.ots and manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.ots.

Assuming you have the opentimestamps client installed locally, the timestamps can be verified with the following commands:

ots verify manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.ots
ots verify manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.sig.ots -f roasbeef-manifest-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.txt.sig

Alternatively, the open timestamps website can be used to verify timestamps if one doesn't have a bitcoind instance accessible locally.

These timestamps should give users confidence in the integrity of this release even after the key that signed the release expires.

Verifying the Release Binaries

Our release binaries are fully reproducible. Third parties are able to verify that the release binaries were produced properly without having to trust the release manager(s). See our reproducible builds guide for how this can be achieved. The release binaries are compiled with go1.15.6, which is required by verifiers to arrive at the same ones. They include the following build tags: autopilotrpc, signrpc, walletrpc, chainrpc, invoicesrpc, routerrpc, and watchtowerrpc. Note that these are already included in the release script, so they do not need to be provided.

The make release command can be used to ensure one rebuilds with all the same flags used for the release. If one wishes to build for only a single platform, then make release sys=<os-arch> tag=<tag> can be used.

Finally, you can also verify the tag itself with the following command:

$ git verify-tag v0.12.0-beta.rc1
gpg: Signature made Tue 15 Dec 2020 10:31:06 PM UTC using RSA key ID 9B280306
gpg: Good signature from &#34;Olaoluwa Osuntokun <laolu32@gmail.com>&#34;

Building the Contained Release

Users are able to rebuild the target release themselves without having to fetch any of the dependencies. In order to do so, assuming that vendor.tar.gz and lnd-source-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.tar.gz are in the current directory, follow these steps:

tar -xvzf vendor.tar.gz
tar -xvzf lnd-source-v0.12.0-beta.rc1.tar.gz
GO111MODULE=on go install -v -mod=vendor -ldflags &#34;-X github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/build.Commit=v0.12.0-beta.rc1&#34; ./cmd/lnd
GO111MODULE=on go install -v -mod=vendor -ldflags &#34;-X github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/build.Commit=v0.12.0-beta.rc1&#34; ./cmd/lncli

The -mod=vendor flag tells the go build command that it doesn't need to fetch the dependencies, and instead, they're all enclosed in the local vendor directory.

Additionally, it's now possible to use the enclosed release.sh script to bundle a release for a specific system like so:

make release sys=&#34;linux-arm64 darwin-amd64&#34;

⚡️⚡️⚡️ OK, now to the rest of the release notes! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Release Notes


Contributors (Alphabetical Order)

Alex Bosworth András Bánki-Horváth Ben Woosley Bjarne Magnussen Calvin Zachman Carla Kirk-Cohen Carsten Otto Conner Fromknecht Dan Janosik Daniel Babbev Dominik Spicher Eugene Federico Bond Glen Cooper githorray Graham Krizek Hampus Sjöberg Johan T. Halseth Joost Jager Juan Pablo Civile Jules Lamur Kartik Shah Marty Jones Matheus Degiovani Mayank Chhabra MrManPew Olaoluwa Osuntokun Oliver Gugger positiveblue Roei Erez Tom Kirkpatrick Torkel Rogstad Wilmer Paulino Yaacov Akiba Slama Yan Pritzker yyforyongyu /laolu32@gmail.com/laolu32@gmail.com/laolu32@gmail.com



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