Weekly Edition for Thursday, Dec 10


project release date
ledgerjs v5.35.1
  • adding a "abandonseed" address for polkadot currency
ledgerjs v5.35.0
BTC Pay Server v1.0.6.2
  • Reverting uppercasing of Bech32 addresses in QR code (@Rockstardev) see #2100

It turns out this is not compatible with every wallets.

WalletWasabi v1.1.12.3


This silent release fixes Ledger incompatibility.

  • Ledger hardware wallet fix for Ledger 1.5.1 firmware

Newbie Guide

While setting up Wasabi is straightforward, even a Linux wizard with the longest beard can get stuck on the most basic tasks. Consider taking a look at the Installation Instructions guide.

Advanced Guide

If you want to build Wasabi from source code or update the source code check out these instructions.

From version 1.1.3 Wasabi also introduces reproducible builds: Deterministic Build Guide

Build with .NET Core 3.1.403-win-x64.


  • Frequently asked questions here.
  • Requirements? x64, Linux, >Win10, >macOS 10.13.

Release Notes



type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0155 BIP 155: addrv2 BIP proposal 2020-12-08 Merged
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/10/12 2020-12-08 Closed
bolt X Require to claim revoked local output in its own penalty tx post-anchor 2020-12-08 Merged
bolt routing gossip BOLT7: extend channel range queries with optional fields 2020-12-08 Merged
bolt X Encodings in gossip_queries 2020-12-08 Update
bolt X reply_channel_range is now too strict. 2020-12-08 Update
bolt X commit_sig, revoke_and_ack ordering in channel reestablish flow 2020-12-08 Closed
bolt X Create a standardized (probably-inefficient) frozen database. 2020-12-08 Update
bolt X Clarify relative order of some messages after reestablish 2020-12-08 Merged
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/11/23 2020-12-08 Closed
bolt X Contact field in graph, just like Alias and Color 2020-12-08 New Issue
bolt X Correct htlc witness size calculations 2020-12-07 Merged
bolt X Public key-based routing 2020-12-07 Update
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044 2020-12-09 Merged
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md 2020-12-09 Merged
slip X Kindly add Xazab 2020-12-05 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add DIP 2020-12-04 Merged