Weekly Edition for Thursday, Oct 29



project release date
ledger-live-common v15.7.0
  • add amount to result in fillTransactionStatus
  • Fixes LL-3608: introduce legacy_on_native_segwit recovery mode
  • Fixes LL-2949: Stop scanning for bch_on_bitcoin_segwit paths
  • update dependencies
    • latest erc20
    • React 17 (no breaking changes)
ledger-live-common v15.6.0
  • Fixes LL-3757 comments: Compound CDAI -> Compound DAI
  • #926 Fixes fifo-algorithm
ledger-live-common v15.5.0
  • migrate swapHistory for keeping the history after migrating to ETHJS
ledger-live-common v15.4.1
  • erc20.approve error status issue fix
  • update crypto-assets to remove breaking tokens
ledger-live-common v15.4.0
  • Prevent infinite loop on polling impl in some cases
  • Ethereum rework in JS + compound
ledger-live-common v15.3.0
  • added findTokenAccountByCurrency helper
  • LL-3406 Export the hideEmptyTokenAccounts setting
ledger-live-common v15.2.0
Enable the device flow to use the Open App feature to have device permission instead of asking users to open an app.
ledger-live-common v15.1.2
LL-3525 Swap - Give priority to outdated app over no accounts status
ledger-live-common v15.1.1
swap fixes
ledger-live-desktop 2.16.0-countervalues-beta-0

Thanks everyone for participating in the beta test of this release. We have solved issues that were found during this test and delivered another version to test: https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-live-desktop/releases/tag/2.16.0-countervalues-beta-1

We reworked countervalues availability and performance in Ledger Live!

These builds are part of a beta test program that you can enter using this form.

ledger-live-desktop v2.15.0

🚀 Features

  • Apps open automatically with your consent. No more looking for the right app!
  • Ethereum JS implementation available in Experimental mode.
  • Introduced warning for BCH users regarding upcoming hard fork.
  • Added link to status page in help modal.
  • Added blockchain tag to token accounts in add accounts selector.

🐛 Fixes

  • Improved coin control modal to prevent users from getting blocked.
  • Fixed an infinite loop in device actions in some cases.
  • Fixes SWAP operation detail crash on ERC-20s.
  • Various improvements in user experience.
ledgerjs v5.28.0
ledgerjs v5.27.2
  • cryptoassets lib: unify dollar symbol convention (AU$, CA$,..)
ledgerjs v5.27.1
cryptoassets lib update

  • remove 3 tokens that were no longer valid ERC20 (balanceOf is missing in the contract, typically they migrated to another contract)
  • add some crypto data
BTC Pay Server v1.0.5.9

Bug fixes:

  • If there was too many pending invoice, postgres would be overwhelmed and freeze some requests (Igor Rylko)
  • Emails were not included in the text search anymore @Kukks
  • Payjoin: Do not include maxadditionalfeecontribution if there is no change. @NicolasDorier
WalletWasabi v1.1.12.2


This hotfix contains fixes and some minor improvements.

  • ColdCard signing fix with multi-signature address
  • Transaction labels are shown on History Tab
  • Local blocks storage optimization - Wasabi will use less space on disk

Newbie Guide

While setting up Wasabi is straightforward, even a Linux wizard with the longest beard can get stuck on the most basic tasks. Consider taking a look at the Installation Instructions guide.

Advanced Guide

If you want to build Wasabi from source code or update the source code check out these instructions.

From version 1.1.3 Wasabi also introduces reproducible builds: Deterministic Build Guide

Build with .NET Core 3.1.403-win-x64.


  • Frequently asked questions here.
  • Requirements? x64, Linux, >Win10, >macOS 10.13.

Release Notes



type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0002 BIP 2: Add obsolete status to process image 2020-10-28 Merged
bip bip-0085 BIP-0085: fix typo 2020-10-27 Update
bip bip-0008 BIP8: directly support special cases 2020-10-27 Closed
bip bip-0032 Add BIP draft for BIP32 path templates 2020-10-27 Update
bip bip-0008 BIP8: Make signalling during LOCKED_IN recommended rather than mandatory 2020-10-26 Update
bip bip-0008 BIP8: allow some MUST_SIGNAL blocks to not signal 2020-10-26 Update
bip bip-0039 Adding BIP-39 wordlist in German (2nd try) 2020-10-26 Update
bip bip-0008 BIP 8 - replace FAILING with MUST_SIGNAL 2020-10-23 Closed
bip bip-0008 BIP8: clarify timeoutheight behaviour and requirements 2020-10-23 Merged
bolt X Lightning Specification Meeting 2020/10/12 2020-10-26 Closed
bolt X Anchor outputs 2020-10-23 Merged
slip slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md add XDAG 2020-10-25 Merged
slip slip-0044 SLIP-0044: Add Chia/XCH at 8444 2020-10-23 Merged