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project release date
ledger-live-common v15.0.1
  • Swap - Fix live qr export for swap history
  • Fixes hw/actions/app clear timeout
ledger-live-common v15.0.0
Externalize currencies and tokens data into a dedicated @ledgerhq/cryptoassets library.

Migration notes

as a user of live-common

  • All imports from @ledgerhq/live-common/lib/data/* can be safely changed to @ledgerhq/live-common/lib/currencies (it should have been the case). If it's a type, it can be from @ledgerhq/live-common/lib/types.
  • All imports from @ledgerhq/live-common/lib/load/* can be safely removed. This make our library a bit more stateless and pure.

as a developer of live-common

  • any crypto assets data (addition, edit) no longer exists in live-common and will happen directly in @ledgerhq/cryptoassets library and will progressively be moved to crypto-assets repository itself with ledgerjs lib acting as an "importer" of crypto-assets. This is also a future possibility that crypto-assets would be fetched dynamically, but we would still need the "initial state" that @ledgerhq/cryptoassets would offer
ledgerjs v5.25.0
Introduces library @ledgerjs/cryptoassets to be single source of trust for all crypto assets data in ledgerjs and ledger-live stack. @ledgerjs/hw-app-eth depends on it in order to get the erc20 signatures (if you use the @ledgerhq/hw-app-eth/erc20 import)
ledgerjs v5.24.0
  • Update ERC20 list
  • bump axios
ledgerjs v5.23.2
rollback node-hid bump due to ongoing issue.
BTC Pay Server v1.0.5.6

New features:

  • Shopify support @rockstardev @Kukks
  • Can enable/disable any payment method based on the amount of the invoice #1871 @xpayserver
  • New Invoice API in Greenfield (Still incomplete, more for next release) @Kukks @NicolasDorier
  • A new light view more adapted for Point of Sale @mariodian
  • Allows administrator to invite new users via link and email @Kukks
  • New labels in the wallet for payment requests, apps, and improvement of the payout label @Kukks
  • Allows entry in wallet send via fiat #1891 @Kukks
  • Allows partial invoice refund #1882 @Kukks
  • In the Request API key flow, let the user be redirected to the original website #1800 @Kukks @dennisreimann (more info)
  • Invoice logs now show their severity #1681 @Kukks (see https://i.imgur.com/eyMO9M3.png)
  • Add store sort (#1861) @bolatovumar


  • Update PSBT and PSBT sent to Hardware wallet will include non_witness_utxo by default, when possible, to match Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 behavior. @NicolasDorier
  • Adjust invoice badge styling (#1906) @bolatovumar
  • Invoice notification email improvements (#1875) @dennisreimann
  • Improvement of the UX flow for requesting an API Key of a BTCPay Server user (#1898) @dennisreimann
  • Don't send notification email for expired invoices @dennisreimann
  • Greenfield API: Add Roles property to the user data. @dennisreimann
  • Remove Changelly integration @Kukks
  • Better wording in transaction list page #1887 @maltokyo
  • Fix alerts text break. #1865 @bolatovumar
  • Remove Tor link from navbar @NicolasDorier
  • Improve invoices list view #1815 @dennisreimann
  • Improve sync progress dialog #1929 @Kukks
  • Show index of payment address for onchain payments @Kukks

Bug fixes:

  • When an invoice is partially paid on-chain and allow off-chain, a new lightning network invoice should be created for the remainder of the payment. @Kukks
  • Changing the inventory of a PoS item was not working properly (@mariodian)
  • Greenfield API: The internal lightning API was returning error 403, even when used as an administrator (@Kukks)
  • Using lightning charge as lightning network invoice provider over HTTP was not working properly @bolatovumar
  • Fix: If the hot wallet failed to sign a PSBT, should not show a blank page crash (@NicolasDorier)
  • Fix bug: The wallet was sending only round amount of sat per byte (@NicolasDorier)
  • "Attempt MySql Fix" #1856 @Kukks
  • Fix HitBTC rate provider again @NicolasDorier

Altcoin build

  • MonetaryUnit support (MUE) @sotblad
  • ETH/ERC20 support @xpayserver
  • Fix monero crash #1883 @Kukks
lnd v0.11.1-beta

This marks the first minor release in the v0.11.x series! This release contains no breaking changes, and no database migrations. Instead this release bundles a number of reliability improvements, some macaroon upgrades, and a change to make our version our anchor commitments spec compliant amongst several other changes.

Database Migrations

This release contains no database migrations.

Verifying the Release

In order to verify the release, you'll need to have gpg or gpg2 installed on your system. Once you've obtained a copy (and hopefully verified that as well), you'll first need to import the keys that have signed this release if you haven't done so already:

curl https://keybase.io/bitconner/pgp_keys.asc | gpg --import

Once you have the required PGP keys, you can verify the release (assuming manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt and manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.sig are in the current directory) with:

gpg --verify manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.sig

You should see the following if the verification was successful:

gpg: assuming signed data in 'manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt'
gpg: Signature made Thu Oct  1 16:38:32 2020 PDT
gpg:                using RSA key 9C8D61868A7C492003B2744EE7D737B67FA592C7
gpg: Good signature from &#34;Conner Fromknecht <conner@lightning.engineering>&#34; [ultimate]

That will verify the signature of the manifest file, which ensures integrity and authenticity of the archive you've downloaded locally containing the binaries. Next, depending on your operating system, you should then re-compute the sha256 hash of the archive with shasum -a 256 <filename>, compare it with the corresponding one in the manifest file, and ensure they match exactly.

For this release roasbeef's signature is the secondary signature which can be verified with the following command:

gpg --verify roasbeef-manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.sig manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt
gpg: Signature made Wed Sep 30 17:35:20 2020 PDT
gpg:                using RSA key 4AB7F8DA6FAEBB3B70B1F903BC13F65E2DC84465
gpg: Good signature from &#34;Olaoluwa Osuntokun <laolu32@gmail.com>&#34; [ultimate]

Verifying the Release Timestamp

From this new version onwards, in addition time-stamping the git tag with OpenTimeStamps, we'll also now timestamp the manifest file along with its signature. Two new files are now included along with the rest of our release artifacts: manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.sig.ots and manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.ots.

Assuming you have the opentimestamps client installed locally, the timestamps can be verified with the following commands:

ots verify manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.ots
ots verify manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.sig.ots -f roasbeef-manifest-v0.11.1-beta.txt.sig

Alternatively, the open timestamps website can be used to verify timestamps if one doesn't have a bitcoind instance accessible locally.

These timestamps should give users confidence in the integrity of this release even after the key that signed the release expires.

Verifying the Release Binaries

Our release binaries are fully reproducible. Third parties are able to verify that the release binaries were produced properly without having to trust the release manager(s). See our reproducible builds guide for how this can be achieved. The release binaries are compiled with go1.14.9, which is required by verifiers to arrive at the same ones. They include the following build tags: autopilotrpc, signrpc, walletrpc, chainrpc, invoicesrpc, routerrpc, and watchtowerrpc. Note that these are already included in the release script, so they do not need to be provided.

The make release command can be used to ensure one rebuilds with all the same flags used for the release. If one wishes to build for only a single platform, then make release sys=<os-arch> tag=<tag> can be used.

Finally, you can also verify the tag itself with the following command:

$ git verify-tag v0.11.1-beta
gpg: Signature made Tue Sep 15 18:55:00 2020 PDT
gpg:                using RSA key 4AB7F8DA6FAEBB3B70B1F903BC13F65E2DC84465
gpg: Good signature from &#34;Olaoluwa Osuntokun <laolu32@gmail.com>&#34; [ultimate]

Building the Contained Release

Users are able to rebuild the target release themselves without having to fetch any of the dependencies. In order to do so, assuming that vendor.tar.gz and lnd-source-v0.11.1-beta.tar.gz are in the current directory, follow these steps:

tar -xvzf vendor.tar.gz
tar -xvzf lnd-source-v0.11.1-beta.tar.gz
GO111MODULE=on go install -v -mod=vendor -ldflags &#34;-X github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/build.Commit=v0.11.1-beta&#34; ./cmd/lnd
GO111MODULE=on go install -v -mod=vendor -ldflags &#34;-X github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/build.Commit=v0.11.1-beta&#34; ./cmd/lncli

The -mod=vendor flag tells the go build command that it doesn't need to fetch the dependencies, and instead, they're all enclosed in the local vendor directory.

Additionally, it's now possible to use the enclosed release.sh script to bundle a release for a specific system like so:

make release sys=&#34;linux-arm64 darwin-amd64&#34;

⚡️⚡️⚡️ OK, now to the rest of the release notes! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Release Notes

Wumbo Soft Limit

lnd now has a soft-limit of 10 BTC for wumbo channels, when they're enabled. This limit can be reduced by specifying the new --maxchansize command line flag. This new flag allows node operators to better control their exposure to very large channels, while still allowing channels above the prior pre-wumbo limit.


This release contains a new health checks subsystem which periodically runs a set of health checks and requests that lnd gracefully shutdown if the check fails. The following health checks are implemented: * Chain backend: lnd requires access to a bitcoin backend, and may be at risk of losing funds if it loses its connection to the chain. A health check which periodically queries the chain backend for the best block is added, and enabled by default. * Disk space: lnd needs disk space to update its database with operational data. A disk space health check which will request shutdown if available disk space falls below a threshold percentage has been added, but is disabled by default to ensure that this check does affect any existing deployments (particularly mobile).

Both of these checks are configurable, and the following options can be set in the healthcheck.chainbackend and healthcheck.diskspace config groups: * Interval: how often the check should be run * Attempts: the number of attempts we allow the check to fail before we request shutdown; this value can be set to 0 to disable a check. * Timeout: the amount of time we allow a check to take before failing it due to timeout * Backoff: the amount of time we backoff between failed checks

Note that these new checks are off by default. To turn them on, users should set healthcheck.chainbackend.attempts and healthcheck.diskspace.attempts to a non-zero value.

Anchor channels

The experimental anchor channel type introduced in lnd v0.10.0 has now been finalized in the BOLT spec, and this release makes the lnd implementation compatible with these changes. If you already have channels of the previous type you can still update. The only thing you must be aware is that cooperative close will fail until your channel party also update to a spec compliant implementation.

Note that this channel type still remains experimental.

Channel Configuration

A new flag has been added to allow node operators to limit the total number of HTLCs they'll allow to exist on "their side" of the commitment. In the future, we may lower this default in order to mitigate certain "fee siphoning" attacks that exist with high fee rates and a large number of HTLCs. Users can set this new value to control the value used for all newly created channels using the following flag: --default-remote-max-htlcs.

RPC Server

The WalletUnlocker proxy now exposes CORS options like the rest of the REST proxy.

A new flag has been added to lnd which allows TLS certs to be generated without leaking sensitive data such as certain IP address information.

The existing PSBT funding flow has been modified to accept a raw transaction during the Finalize step. This makes our workflow more compatible with certain wallets like Electrum. Additionally, our flow is now compatible with wallets that have implemented mandatory measures to mitigate certain signing fault attacks.


Granular Method Macaroons

A series of new calls to enable granular macaroon access has landed in this new version. These new calls allow users to bake a macaroon with a specific method call URI. In other words, macaroons can now be created that only allow access to a specific set of RPC calls. As an example, it's now possible to create a macaroon that only lets a user obtain the current snapshot of the graph and nothing more.

A new local CLI command: lncli listpermissions, allows one to view all the current permissions available when baking a macaroon.

If we wanted to make a macaroon that only allowed access to GetInfo and `GetVersion, then we'd execute the following command:

lncli bakemacaroon uri:/lnrpc.Lightning/GetInfo uri:/verrpc.Versioner/GetVersion

A new CLI command lncli printmacaroon has also been added that shows what permissions an already baked macaroon contains.

For more information on this new feature, check out the updated set of docs on macaroons.

Custom Macaroon Validators

When initializing lnd, it's now possible to register a custom macaroon validator for a sub-server. This allows certain components to be unbundled, yet still retain lnd's primary RPC server interface for macaroon validation.

Bug Fixes

A bug has been fixed that would at times cause lnd to crash due to an edge case in the logic within the ChainNotifier sub-server.

A bug has been fixed in the routerrpc server that would previously cause it to crash when given bad input.

The full list of changes since v0.11.0-beta can be found here:

Contributors (Alphabetical Order)

Carla Kirk-Cohen Calvin Zachman Conner Fromknecht Graham Krizek Johan T. Halseth Olaoluwa Osuntokun Oliver Gugger Wilmer Paulino /laolu32@gmail.com/laolu32@gmail.com/conner@lightning.engineering



type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0119 BIP 119: Add another benefit for commiting to an input's index 2020-09-29 Closed
bip bip-0039 Add brazilian portuguese wordlist to BIP39 2020-09-27 Closed
bip bip-0039 Add bip39 Indonesian wordlist 2020-09-25 Update
bip bip-0155 BIP155: clarify variable integer format and change time to fixed 32 bit 2020-10-01 Merged
bolt X Clarification on the occurences of TLV records with the same type 2020-09-29 Merged
slip slip-0044 slip-0044: add STB 2020-09-30 Merged
slip slip-0044 SLIP-0044: Add TOP 2020-09-30 Merged