Weekly Edition for Thursday, Jan 3

Summary for December 2018
We’ve been taking a break for the past two months while working on a website upgrade. Since we did not cover news in that time, we decided to make a series of recap articles covering the last two months, starting with news related Bitcoin Core and going through Lightning Network and its related updates.



project release date
zap-desktop v0.3.2-beta

Bug Fixes

  • app: ensure app quits fully on osx (77973e2)
  • app: reset onboarding after app refresh (de84f07)
  • boot: redirect to launchpad on failed connect (b56029f), closes #1173
  • deps: update dependency debug to v4.1.1 (#1164) (c3f8cbd)
  • deps: update dependency downshift to v3.1.8 (#1150) (9eda759)
  • deps: update dependency get-port to v4.1.0 (#1149) (f6acf30)
  • deps: update dependency qrcode.react to v0.9.0 (#1170) (02d4c8d)
  • deps: update dependency react-spring to v7.2.5 (#1130) (962f7a8)
  • deps: update dependency styled-reset to v1.6.4 (#1168) (6e49d4b)
  • deps: update dependency validator to v10.10.0 (#1171) (2210b9c)
  • lnd: ensure app notified on lnd disconnect (7940cc1)
  • pay: update bolt11 to support millisatoshis (4c726b2), closes #1166
ledger-live-common v4.8.0-beta.24 2018-12-28
python-trezor v0.11.1 2018-12-28


type rfc # title date status
bip bip-0002 BIP 2: Allow editors to fix typos 2019-01-01 Update
bolt X Max length of payment request string? 2019-01-03 New Issue
slip X Add 243 SOV Sovereign Coin 2019-01-03 Merged