#LNTrustChain: Lightning Is Sparking Up a Marathon

A lightning network payment has been sparking up a twitter marathon, The payment, slowly increasing in value, is currently at 3.68M satoshis (~140$) and has been making rounds all around the globe (and even space!). It has exchanged hands between more than 200 members of the lightning community, been to more than 35 countries and has even been sent to space by Trezor’s CTO Pavol Rusnak broadcasting an invoice through Blockstream’s satellite network.

The Torch was first created by anonymous twitter Bitcoin maximalist with a handle of Hodlonaut, with a space-suit-clad tomcat. His suit is stitched with logos reinforcing his maximalism, a BTC logo on his shoulder, a User Activated Soft Fork and a No2X logo on his chest and a Hodl sign on his space suit.

The process works by a user receiving the torch and announcing it on Twitter, future torch bearers tweet out a lightning network invoice with the amount needed in hopes of getting it, once they do, they add a small amount to the payment’s sum and tweet out another invoice, repeating the process.

In an exercise in trust and altruism that defines Bitcoin, several high profile members of the Bitcoin and the Internet community has so far took the torch and passed it on, these members include Andreas Antonopoulos, twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, developer FulffyPony, Fidelity Digital Assets and many others, the torch is currently with Vijay Boyapati waiting to pass it on to Adam Back.

While this process is a community enriching experience, it has also showed the greed of some people, as two of the members receiving it decided to keep the funds for themselves, instead of making the community effort of passing it own. The first time was a few days into the process when the flame was only a few dollars worth and the second time happened when it was worth 2.51M satoshis, the taker justified that he took it because no one could stop him. During both times the senders decided to relight the flame by sending another invoice with their own money, showing that Lightning’s community is indeed as strong as ever and on related news, Lightning’s capacity just passed 2M proving that its as strong as its community.

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