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Chaincode Labs Is Hosting Its Fourth Residency Program in Midtown Manhattan Over Summer 2019
Chaincode Labs announced its fourth residency program that will take place in Midtown Manhattan over summer 2019. Read the full announcement here Supporting the developer community and helping new contributors get their start in Bitcoin protocol development is a key part of our mission. Over the past three years, our residency programs have helped many developers start contributing to Bitcoin projects. Alex Bosworth and Johan Halseth (Lightning Labs), Neha Narula (MIT DCI), James O’Beirne and John Newbery (Chaincode Labs), Chris Stewart (SuredBits), Pierre Rochard (Lightning Node Launcher), Rene Pickhardt (LN developer and educator) and Will O’Beirne (Lightning Joule and WebLN) are all Chaincode Residency alumni.
Unification of Feature Bits

We’ve talked about feature bits before. They are bits that nodes look for in other nodes communication to check if they support a certain feature they’re looking to use.

A proposal was suggested by developer Rusty Russels with a few amends to the implementation of feature bits. It consists of renaming local features to peer features and global features to routing features and having them share a number space so they don’t overlap. Then we can put both ‘features’ in node announcements but never using even bits for peer features.

This facilitates using node_announcement as both connecting to a peer that supports a certain feature and asking the question “can I route through this node?”. Further discussions are available on the mailing list here.

Summary for December 2018
We’ve been taking a break for the past two months while working on a website upgrade. Since we did not cover news in that time, we decided to make a series of recap articles covering the last two months, starting with news related Bitcoin Core and going through Lightning Network and its related updates.