Ledger Live Desktop: v0.1.0-alpha.12

ledger-live-desktop version 0.1.0-alpha.12 released.

This is still an alpha update. With many improvments.


  • Account Settings: Ripple node can be configured. (now default to s2).
  • Add Genuine check on Onboarding + a way to skip if server is not accessible.
  • All the wording is internationalized, we are soon ready for opening translations.


  • account name have a maxlength and is trimmed
  • Big performance improvement in the scroll. We are now back to a native scroll.
  • the time range (Week/Month/Year) you select is now saved as a user preferences across the whole app.
  • libcore bugfixes
  • hide ActivityIndicator when no accounts
  • app min-height to 768px
  • update banner style + also show if there is no accounts
  • fix some missing padding


  • we have rewrote README.md
  • all constants of the app are in config/constants