Week of Thursday, Sep 16


bip title date status
bip-0157 [BIP 157] Add missing words to sentence 2021-09-15 New PR
X BIP: Process, revision 3 2021-09-15 Update
X typo: BIP [380-385] 2021-09-15 Update
bip-0002 Update bip-0002.mediawiki 2021-09-15 New PR
bip-0001 Update bip-0001.mediawiki 2021-09-15 New PR
bip-0371 BIP 371: Require Schnorr sig to be 64 bytes long 2021-09-14 Closed
bip-0039 BIP39 Turkish Wordlist - Proposal 2021-09-14 Update
bip-0045 Create SECURITY.mdbip45 2021-09-14 Closed
bip-0001 Update bip-0001.mediawiki 2021-09-14 Closed
X [DRAFT] Durable, Low Energy Bitcoin PoW 2021-09-12 Update


bolt title date status
X interactive-tx: Add dual-funding flow, using the interactive tx protocol (feature 28/29) 2021-09-16 Update
X Advertize compression algorithms support in `init` 2021-09-15 Update
X Peers need to check each other's dust limit 2021-09-15 Update
peer protocol BOLT-02+09: introduce feature bit to gate new channel_type feature - 44/45 2021-09-14 Update
X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/09/13 2021-09-14 Update
payment encoding Add payment secret feature to Bolt 11 test vectors 2021-09-14 Merged
payment encoding New BOLT 11 Test cases are missing payment secret feature 2021-09-14 Closed
X process: bLIP 0001 2021-09-14 Update
messaging BOLT 1: introduce warning messages, reduce requirements to send (hard) errors, remove "all-channel" errors. 2021-09-13 Update
X Restrict bitcoin amounts 2021-09-13 Update
X Explicitly allow funding_locked early, and include scid. 2021-09-13 Update
X Explicitly allow funding_locked early, and support alias scids. 2021-09-13 Update
routing gossip BOLT 7: add gossip address descriptor type DNS hostname 2021-09-13 Update
X websocket address type: allow transport over RFC6455 2021-09-10 Update


slip title date status
slip-0023 SLIP-0023 : Modification Proposal 2021-09-16 Closed
slip-0013 SLIP-0013 hash validity 2021-09-16 Closed