Week of Thursday, Dec 09


bip title date status
X PSBT: Add pay-to-contract tweaks to tx inputs 2021-12-09 Update
bip-0174 BIP-174: Removing PSBT_OUT_TAP_LEAF_SCRIPT 2021-12-09 Update
X Hello 2021-12-09 Closed
bip-0032 Fix typo in BIP-32 2021-12-09 Update
bip-0370 BIP 0370: Signer to determine locktime 2021-12-08 Update
bip-0078 BIP78: Allow mixed inputs and clarify a few things 2021-12-05 Update


bolt title date status
routing gossip BOLT 7: add gossip address descriptor type DNS hostname 2021-12-09 Update
X Drop ping sending rate-limit suggestion 2021-12-09 Merged
messaging BOLT 1: adds remote address to optional init_tlvs (IP discovery) 2021-12-09 Update
X Offers 2021-12-09 Update
X Funding Timeout Recovery proposal 2021-12-09 Update
X Keysend bLIP 2021-12-08 Closed
X Add payment metadata to payment request (feature 48) 2021-12-08 Update
X websocket address type: allow transport over RFC6455 2021-12-08 Update
X Trampoline onion format (Feature 24/25) 2021-12-08 Update
X Advertize compression algorithms support in `init` (features 32/33) 2021-12-07 Update
X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/12/06 2021-12-07 Update
routing gossip BOLT 7: Onion message support (features 38/39) 2021-12-07 Update
X Investigate whether or not to add random padding via tlv streams to Lightning messages 2021-12-06 New Issue
X Route Blinding 2021-12-06 Update
X anchors: follow up changes after initial zero fee anchors merge 2021-12-06 Update
X Disable Channel for forwarding on user configurable liquidity level to avoid failed forwarding events. 2021-12-06 Closed
X Clarification how messages are referred to 2021-12-06 Update
X gossip: deprecate Tor v2 onion services 2021-12-06 Merged
X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/11/08 2021-12-06 Closed
messaging BOLT 1: introduce warning messages, reduce requirements to send (hard) errors, remove "all-channel" errors. 2021-12-06 Update
peer protocol BOLT-02+09: introduce feature bit to gate new channel_type feature - 44/45 2021-12-06 Merged
X Removed requirement to broadcast an outdated commitment transaction 2021-12-05 New PR
X Clarify and relax requirements on `channel_reestablish` 2021-12-05 Update


slip title date status
X Add REEF to slot 819 2021-12-09 Merged
X Add test vector for P2TR 2021-12-08 Merged
X Add Creamcoin (CRM) coin type 2021-12-07 Merged
X Add BDCash Protocol 2021-12-07 Merged
X Purpose Field for Identities 2021-12-06 Update
slip-0044 slip-0044: update ticker from NANO to XNO 2021-12-04 Merged
slip-0044 Update slip-0044.md 2021-12-03 Merged