Week of Thursday, Jan 30


bip title date status
bip-0042 Rewrite BIP-0042 2020-01-27 Update
bip-0119 Fix links in bip-0119.mediawiki 2020-01-27 Update
bip-0340 bip-0340: typo change intent to intend 2020-01-27 Update
bip-0032 BIP-32: fix RFC link 2020-01-27 Update
X Fix broken link 2020-01-26 Update
bip-0039 Add BIP39 Elixir implementation (mnemo) 2020-01-26 New PR
X Fix typos discovered by codespell 2020-01-24 Update
bip-0119 BIP 119: CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY 2020-01-24 Merged
bip-0340 Add BIPs 340-342 bip-schnorr, bip-taproot, bip-tapscript 2020-01-24 Merged
X Undefined name: bytearray_cmp --> bytearr_cmp 2020-01-24 Update


bolt title date status
X Single-option large channel proposal 2020-01-27 Update
X Specify that resolution of amount is msat 2020-01-26 Update
X Update 01-messaging.md 2020-01-24 Update
X WIP: Dual Funding (v2 Channel Establishment protocol) 2020-01-24 Update


slip title date status
X Update to add CLX 2020-01-27 New PR