Week of Thursday, May 13


bip title date status
X BIP: Mandatory activation of taproot deployment 2021-05-12 Update
X BIP: Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup (BSMS) 2021-05-12 Update
bip-0174 BIP 174: clarify key uniqueness 2021-05-11 Update
bip-0039 Add another Rust implmentation of BIP-0039 2021-05-11 Merged
bip-0032 Add BIP draft for BIP32 path templates 2021-05-11 Update
X New BIP: PoST Datastore for Advanced Cryptography and Higher Efficiency Mining 2021-05-10 Update
bip-0133 Final BIP-0133 (feefilter message) 2021-05-10 Update
X Define BIP Steward Process and set Temporary Editor 2021-05-10 Update
X docs: fix spelling 2021-05-09 Update
bip-0340 bip-340: recreate batch verify speedup graph w/ latest libsecp256k1 2021-05-08 Update
X Add Kalle Alm as BIP editor 2021-05-07 Update
bip-0119 [WIP DONOTMERGE] Update BIP-119 Variable Names 2021-05-07 New PR
X BIP: Process, revision 3 2021-05-07 Update


bolt title date status
X Allow peers to announce "my side is empty, don't use" (voluntary, by tweaking channel policy) 2021-05-12 Update
X Fee structure 2021-05-12 Update
X Ability to set inbound and outbound fees 2021-05-12 Update
X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/05/10 2021-05-11 Update
X Clarify about the length of a `r` field in invoice 2021-05-11 Update
peer protocol BOLT 2: quiescence protocol. 2021-05-11 Update
peer protocol BOLT 2: upgrade protocol on reestablish. 2021-05-11 Update
X Lightning Specification Meeting 2021/04/12 2021-05-10 Closed
X Feature 106/107: option_simplified_update. 2021-05-10 Update
X interactive-tx: Add dual-funding flow, using the interactive tx protocol (feature 28/29) 2021-05-09 Update
X feature: define option_zero_htlc_tx_fee (feature 22/23) 2021-05-07 Update


slip title date status
X Add Vow Coin 2021-05-12 Merged
X add HOO 2021-05-07 Merged