Week of Thursday, Aug 22


bip title date status
bip-0039 Add brazilian portuguese wordlist to BIP39 2019-08-20 Closed
bip-0049 Set Status für BIP49 to 'Final' 2019-08-20 Merged
X BIP-XXXX: Signet 2019-08-19 Update
bip-0039 Update bip-0039 mediawiki page to list a working rust library 2019-08-17 Update


bolt title date status
routing gossip BOLT7: channel_update after exchange funding_locked 2019-08-21 Update
messaging BOLT 1: Add a TLV stream extension to existing messages. 2019-08-20 Closed
onion routing BOLT 4: Define custom tlv type range 2019-08-20 Update
X option_static_remotekey: first draft. 2019-08-20 Update
transactions BOLT 3: Explicit description of implicitly enforced timelocks on HTLC outputs 2019-08-19 Merged
X WIP: First draft of option_simplified_commitment: 2019-08-19 Update
peer protocol BOLT 02: clarify that announcement_signatures is a BOLT 7 msg 2019-08-19 Update
X Base AMP 2019-08-19 Update
onion routing BOLT 4: Merge final_expiry_too_soon into incorrect_or_unknown_payment 2019-08-19 Merged
X Added explicit mention of uppercase invoices 2019-08-19 New PR
onion routing BOLT04: Atomic Multi-path Payments [Draft] 2019-08-19 Update
routing gossip BOLT 07: delay announcement_signatures by max(6, min_depth) confs 2019-08-19 Update
payment encoding bolt11 encoding capital letters 2019-08-19 Update
payment encoding Bolt11 feature bits 2019-08-19 Update
X Lightning Network multi-asset channels 2019-08-16 Update


slip title date status
slip-0044 slip-0044: add Harmony ONE 2019-08-20 Update
slip-0044 slip-0044: add CRO 2019-08-20 Merged
slip-0044 slip-0044:add HSN 2019-08-20 Merged
slip-0044 Adding Mochimo BIP-0044 Code 2019-08-19 Merged
X Add LitecoinHD coin type 2019-08-17 Merged
slip-0044 slip-0044: add LitecoinHD 2019-08-17 Closed
slip-0019 Slips 19 20 coinjoin proofs 2019-08-16 Closed
X s 2019-08-16 Closed
X https://github.com/satoshilabs/slips.git 2019-08-16 Closed