Week of Thursday, Feb 07


bolt title date status
transactions BOLT 3: add test vectors for htlc-transactions in case where CLTV is used as tie-breaker for sorting 2019-02-06 Update
routing gossip BOLT 7: add extended channel queries 2019-02-06 Closed
X WIP: Dual Funding (v2 Channel Establishment protocol) 2019-02-06 Update
X WIP: First draft of option_simplfied_commitment: 2019-02-05 Update
X Access to the minutes of the IRC meetings? 2019-02-05 Closed
onion routing BOLT 4: Correct "16-byte" to "12-byte" (padding) 2019-02-05 Merged
X Rephrase Forwarding HTLCs Requirements 2019-02-05 Merged
X Clarify ownership of max_htlc limits at receiving update_add_htlc 2019-02-04 Merged
X Specify OP_DATA to express accepted/offered_htlc_script with same 2019-02-04 Merged
X option_data_loss_protect: concretely define `my_current_per_commitment_point` 2019-02-04 Update
X Recurring Payments 2019-02-04 Update
X Agenda for 2019-02-04 2019-02-04 Update
X Demand revoke_and_ack before more updates 2019-02-04 Update
X When does receiver revoke? 2019-02-04 New Issue
routing gossip BOLT7: reply_channel_range parameter 2019-02-04 Update
X Keep HMAC case consistent 2019-02-04 Update
X Add last per_hop padding 2019-02-04 Update
onion routing BOLT 4: Clarify final_incorrect_cltv_expiry data 2019-02-04 Update
routing gossip BOLT7: extend channel range queries with optional fields 2019-02-04 Update
X limit `max_value_in_flight` to channel capacity. 2019-02-01 Closed


slip title date status
slip-0044 slip44: Add IoTE 2019-02-07 Merged
X Add Snowblossom 2019-02-06 Merged
X Add Energy Web 2019-02-04 Merged