Week of Thursday, Dec 02

project release date
ledger-live-common v21.19.1
  • LL-8436 Update fillDeviceTransactionConfig for NFT (#1553) @klambert-ledger
  • LL-8508 - Fix NFT merging in incremental sync + tests (#1552) @klambert-ledger
  • Fixes LL-8516 + extra (#1550) @gre – bsc and polygon won't display nfts yet
    • disabling NFT back to false will make .nfts go back to undefined with a full resync
    • a clear cache will remove all .nfts for making sure a full resync happens
    • a NFT_CURRENCIES env is made available and set at "ethereum" for now

others (low/no impact)

  • DOGE v3 is officially in production, making it so in the embedded explorerConfig too @gre
  • LL-8243 deploy hosted runners (#1546) @valpinkman
  • disable bch test (#1549) @gre – tech debt added in https://ledgerhq.atlassian.net/browse/LL-8513
ledger-live-common v21.19.0
  • (Experimental) LL-8482 Fixes polygon send
    • includes latest ERC20, including polygon WETH
  • LL-8479 Fixes ordering of NFT after a sync and new NFT arrives + Add more tests to NFT ethereum
  • LL-7703 Prevent 'device-locked' false positive in Manager
  • LL-8124 Allow to add 1 empty account for each derivation mode

Experimental Bitcoin JS part - [LL-8263] Altcoin fee fix (#1540)

other (inactive) work - Add isNftTransaction to NFT helpers

bitcoinjs-lib v6.0.1 2021-11-26