v0.12.1 - Web 8 init (dot one)

We'd like to announce the 0.12.1 release of core-lightning, named by @adi2011. This is a point release with a few bug fixes and build improvements: it's a recommended upgrade from 0.12.0, with no new features. For a list of differences, please see [v0.12.0..v0.12.1](https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/compare/v0.12.0...v0.12.1). ## Highlights for Users - Now with fewer bugs! - Topology plugin could crash when it sees duplicate private channel announcements. - `getinfo` no longer displays unannounced addresses; shows correct port for discovered IP addresses. - Newly created channels sometimes were inexplicably disconnected, this has been fixed! ## Highlights for the Network - Bad gossip store reads and gossip propagation fixed. ## Highlights for Developers - Reliance on `mistune` and `mrkd` python libraries has been removed. Since v0.12.0 we've had 26 commits from 5 different contributors over 29 days. ~ @niftynei, Christian, and Rusty