Wasabi Wallet

# Summary _PRIVACY IS YOUR ABILITY TO SELECTIVELY REVEAL YOURSELF TO THE WORLD_ This release includes a couple of stabilization improvements mostly around network communication, but also adds new features. - Fixing the problem when Tor gets stuck with TtlExpired error. - Adds RedCoinIsolation [feature](https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/issues/8516). - Minor improvement in CoinJoin coin [selector algorithm]( https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8659). - Crash fixes. # Newbie Guide While setting up Wasabi is straightforward, even a Linux wizard with the longest beard can get stuck on the most basic tasks. Consider taking a look at the [How To Use](https://youtu.be/bQKU2khua-8) guide. # Advanced Guide If you want to build Wasabi from source code or update the source code check out [these instructions.](https://docs.wasabiwallet.io/using-wasabi/BuildSource.html) From version 1.1.3 Wasabi also introduces [reproducible builds](https://reproducible-builds.org/): [Deterministic Build Guide](https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/blob/master/WalletWasabi.Documentation/Guides/DeterministicBuildGuide.md) Build with .NET 6.0.300. ## FAQ - **Frequently asked questions [here](https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/discussions/categories/faq).** - **Requirements?** x64, Linux, >Win10, >macOS 10.15. ## What's Changed * [VDG] Fix possibly null reference in QrCode by @wieslawsoltes in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8627 * `TorHttpPool`: Catch even `TorConnectCommandFailedException` without `TtlExpired` flag. by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8553 * `TorTcpConnectionFactory`: Log only on trace level by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8629 * Remove unnecessary logging to console by @onvej-sl in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8624 * Remove WW1 *client* code. by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8639 * Fix rounding error in anonscore calculation by @nopara73 in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8633 * [Trivial] Fix code factor issues by @yahiheb in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8634 * [VDG] Discreet Mode for wallet coins by @MarnixCroes in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8188 * [VDG] Modify `RxApp.DefaultExceptionHandler` by @soosr in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/7478 * Backend: Additional Docker stuff by @Kukks in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8596 * Add RedCoinIsolation by @nopara73 in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8522 * [Trivial] Update tooltip for Red coin isolation by @Szpoti in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8644 * Update CoinJoinProfile equalities + remove redundant code by @adamPetho in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8643 * [VDG] change item order in Transaction Details by @MarnixCroes in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8645 * `WasabiSynchronizer`: Remove request blocking by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8640 * Return ownership proofs by @onvej-sl in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8635 * Fix fallback by @nopara73 in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8654 * [VDG] WalletManagerViewModel - cleanup by @soosr in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8652 * [VDG] WalletViewModelBase - Cleanup by @soosr in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8651 * [Trivial] Order elements (CodeFactor) by @yahiheb in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8657 * Use `NoAuthenticationRequired` for DefaultCircuit by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8660 * [Trivial] Fix Codefactor issues by @yahiheb in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8658 * [VDG] Update to Avalonia 0.10.16 by @wieslawsoltes in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8663 * [Trivial] Remove unused code by @nopara73 in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8668 * Revert "Return ownership proofs" by @nopara73 in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8671 * Don't swallow exception by @nopara73 in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8673 * Make AliceClient handle Protocol exceptions by @adamPetho in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8675 * Tor: remove digest line for macOS by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8628 * [VDG] NavBarViewModel - cleanup by @soosr in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8666 * `WasabiSynchronizer`: Improve exception handling by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8641 * [VDG] Fix LabelsPanel not displaying all items by @wieslawsoltes in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8683 * [VDG] wallet stats lowercase writing by @MarnixCroes in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8686 * [VDG] NavBarItemViewModel - cleanup by @soosr in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8667 * [VDG] Fix NavBarItem shaking title by @wieslawsoltes in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8688 * Weakly consider AS for coin selection by @nopara73 in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8659 * `TorMonitor`: Add restarting capability by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8669 * Allow only single run of `PrivacySuggestionsFlyoutViewModel.BuildPrivacySuggestionsAsync` by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8594 * Update Website main image by @CAnorbo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8702 * macOS: Tor control failed to initialize by @kiminuo in https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/8700 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/compare/v2.0.1.1...v2.0.1.2