21.19.2 to 21.20.1

### NFT fixes and polishes - getOperationAmountNumber to not have NFT_IN/NFT_OUT - useNftResource allows falsy to fix cases of metadata never loading … - LL-8228 fixes another id dup issue of nft ops - clean up unecessary "approving: true" in NFT modules - Fixes a bug that would not update NFTs when sending last nft - Improve typescript type of sameOperation - use length of nftOperations to know if it's same op and force a resync in this case - Improve way the id of NFT is calculated - add no_input=true as part of query param of eth explorers - Filter out nft that would have amount<=0 - reconciliation to remove .nfts on disabling NFT. ### others - LL-8563 Fixes matic icon ### live hub related - LL-8545 (filterServiceStatusIncidents): fix issue in regex for some cases @LFBarreto ### tools Improve test in svg.ts to assess it's a square