Zap 0.7.3 Beta

## Release notes This is a general bug fix and maintenance release. ### Bug Fixes * **build:** adjust desktop icon name as per icon images ([22597b8]( * **lnd:** case insensitive parsing of lnd debug log ([e46ef82]( * **lnd:** enable unconfirmed outputs to be spent ([5632d58]( * **lnd:** implementing neutrino.feeurl ([8940f81]( * **lnd:** patching lnd to support interceptors ([801f20b]( * **lnd:** selecting correct htlc from probe attempt ([3edd322]( * **lnd:** support paying to invoices with payment secret ([bd8cb54]( * **ui:** add tooltip to wallet qrcode button ([1b22b19]( * **ui:** always display payment route ([cbb1293]( * **ui:** cleanup route summary display ([b9591f1]( * **ui:** fix channel capacity sort ([331cacc](, closes [#3633]( * **ui:** keep activity spinner during loading ([645dd43]( * **ui:** make csv delay input thin ([8416628]( * **ui:** only count active channels as usable capacity ([112cf87]( * **ui:** use chanId to sort channel by open date ([b22d33a]( * **wallet:** adding sanity check for page load handlers ([cb528db]( * **wallet:** fetch info before page reload ([8c1ef50]( * **wallet:** improve channels menu balance display ([0a17bec]( * **wallet:** limit address fetch to first info load ([04e01e0]( * **wallet:** prevent endless transaction loading ([e2ca600]( * **wallet:** prevent reinit on lnurl change ([c773c33]( * **wallet:** refetch peer data as part of channel refresh ([d2548f6]( * **wallet:** reset app right before launching lnd ([a9bcc66]( * **wallet:** use correct payload for connectPeer ([1b64157]( ### Features * **lnd:** enable wumbo channels ([2e2967e]( * **lnd:** support for interceptor nodes ([115cc21]( * **lnd:** update to 0.12.0-beta ([c599c83]( * **ui:** ability to add wallet name in onboarding ([f20701a](, closes [#1262]( * **ui:** add time display mode setting to general preferences ([8cbfc75](, closes [#3600]( * **ui:** add tooltip to channel private option ([3234db3]( * **ui:** display timelock for force closing channels ([4a9e582]( * **ui:** show payment route on probe summary ([62302b8]( * **ui:** use date formatting component for rendering date ([dd54622](, closes [#3600]( * **wallet:** ability to set transaction fee on channel close ([6713501]( * **wallet:** fetch latest payment on external htlc settle ([729194a](, closes [#3420]( ### Performance Improvements * limiting scheduler usage ([d48e387]( * **ui:** tweaking activity pagesize ([edcaf6a]( * **wallet:** bound transaction loading to page size ([cecad88]( * **wallet:** fetch balance and channels before activity ([d186670]( * **wallet:** fetch peer node info early ([90c07df]( * **wallet:** insert fetched activity early ([e1dfefd]( * **wallet:** limit activity refetch to first page ([afb20f3]( * **wallet:** limit transaction polling to local wallets ([69ca996]( * **wallet:** loading activity data in parallel ([217e3f0]( * **wallet:** pagination for onchain transactions ([4b6a4e2]( * **wallet:** prevent multiple concurrent page loads ([e20f2db]( * **wallet:** remove redundant data fetch on wallet init ([7de0e9b]( * **wallet:** throttling channel refetch to once per minute ([3c1786c]( * reduce default activity page size ([2305ecb]( ### Changelog The full list of changes since 0.7.2-beta can be found here: ## Verifying the Release Please refer to [our documentation]( for [instructions on how to verify the release](