0.10.0: Neutralizing Fee Therapy

We're pleased to announce the 0.10.0 release of c-lightning, named by @jsarenik. This is a major release, consolidating a number of features, fixes and experimental extensions. ## Highlights for Users - `pay` has been refined and much improved across various less-common scenarios. - `listpeers` shows the current feerate and unilateral close fee. - `listforwards` can now filter by channel status, and in or out channel. - `fundpsbt` and `utxopsbt` have a new `excess_as_change` parameter if you don't want to add it yourself. - `connect` returns the address we actually connected to (and `direction` tells you if they actually connected to us instead). - `fundchannel_complete` takes a PSBT, removing a common cause of tragic opening failures: `txprepare` and `withdraw` now provide a PSBT for convenience too. - In regtest mode, we don't care that bitcoind doesn't give any fee estimates, but use the minimum. ## Highlights for the Network - We now send `warning` messages if an error condition is possibly recoverable, rather than closing the channel and sending `error`. - We now implement `sync_complete` for gossip_range queries as per latest spec, with backwards compatibility for older nodes. - `experimental-dual-fund` config option enables the draft dual funding option for compatible nodes, which includes RBF upgrades for opening transactions. ## Highlights for Developers - All hooks are now registerable by multiple plugins at once. - `experimental-shutdown-wrong-funding` allows remote nodes to close incorrectly opened channels using the new `wrong_funding` option to `close`. More details can be found in the [changelog](https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/blob/v0.10.0/CHANGELOG.md). Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep them coming. Since 0.9.3, we've had 339 commits from 14 different authors over 69 days. A special thanks goes to the 3 first time contributors: - Matthias Debernardini - Luke Childs - Alexey Zagarin Cheers, Rusty, Lisa, Christian, ZmnSCPxj