- Stable test environment with libuv and cpp-http implementatioon of services - Fix and improve keychain discovery during synchronization - Fix reorgs management during synchronization - Major synchronization performance improve by reworking the database insertion (~600% improvement) - Performance improvement on SECP256K1 derivation during synchronization - Major performance improvement during synchronization thanks to multi-threaded synchronization - Global performance improvement by moving most part of the code on Thread pools instead of serial execution contexts - Fix a memory leak in database sessions - Fix a memory leak on HTTP connections - Lower memory allocation due to regex compilation in DateUtils - Minor bug fixes (ripple model, big int improvements...) - Deprecate BlockchainObserver features for all coins - Deprecate events NEW_OPERATION and NEW_ERC20_OPERATIONS for UPDATE_OPERATION and UPDATE_ERC - Fix XRP incremental synchronization - Improve runtime performances by splitting db connections between Write pool and Read pool