This release includes changes in the way we index invoices for search. As such, after update, the invoice search feature of BTCPay Server might not work for a while. (~5min if you have lot's of invoices) ### Improvements: * Support a subset of output descriptor in the wallet setup @Kukks * Improved styling of the notification dropdown (see #2167) @ubolator @dennisreimann * API keys and server's url can be shown as QR Code to facilitate pairing @Kukks * Greenfield API: Add `DefaultPaymentMethod` to the store's settings @Kukks * Greenfield API: Can configure on-chain payment methods @Kukks @NicolasDorier * UI Improvements (see this [commit list](https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver/pull/2151/commits)) @dennisreimann ### Bug fixes: * Always normalize the invoice's currency in uppercase @NicolasDorier * If a label on a wallet's transaction does not have color, it should still show it @NicolasDorier * Do not include Tor Location header when querying the modal checkout (see #2180) @Kukks * Webhooks should not be randomly deleted anymore. @NicolasDorier * Fix header not showing properly after login to BTCPay Server (see #2155) @dennisreimann * Bug: Searching invoices was timing out if there was too much invoices @rockstardev @Kukks ### Miscellaneous: * Removing the old text search engine (DBreeze) @rockstardev @Kukks * Add doc for asking permissions to BTCPayServer see [link](docs/greenfield-authorization.md). @Kukks