### New features * Greenfield API: Can update invoice metadata @Kukks * Greenfield API: User notifications API @Kukks * Greenfield API: Can specify the preferred language when creating an invoice @NicolasDorier * Greenfield API: Can specify the URL to redirect customer to when he paid when creating an invoice @NicolasDorier * Greenfield API: Expose the `checkoutLink` of the created invoice, where you need to redirect your customer to pay in BTC @NicolasDorier * Add a `Mark all as seen` button to the notification dropdown @ubolator * Support of Armenian language in checkout page. Thanks to Mash Mashok * Add ability to add custom CSS to pull payments @ubolator * Introduce some basic spam protection for hosts with open registration (see #2106) @Kukks ### Improvements * Hide pagination & page size when not necessary (#2122) @dennisreimann @dstrukt * Document in `/docs` miscellaneous features of BTCPay (such as optional arguments of the checkout page) @NicolasDorier * UI: Improve mobile store setup view @dennisreimann @dstrukt * Improve U2F support, should leverage OS support and now work properly on mobile Safari (See #2086) @dennisreimann * Improve how new label picked their color (See #2072) @ubolator * Improve the design of transaction's label dropdown to fix display issue when there are too many (see #2078) @ubolator ### Bug fixes: * Ensure campaign status is shown correctly in minimal crowdfund app (#2062) @ubolator * Can remove automatic labels from invoices @NicolasDorier * Fix Pay Button Link preview when app mode chosen (#2115) @Kukks * If the user was not admin, the API Keys page was ignoring some of the checked permissions @NicolasDorier * Greenfield API: If invoice creation failed for some reason, BTCPay would give a HTTP 500 error without details helping the user. @NicolasDorier * Fix performance issue: Some invoice queries were causing a full table scan on all invoices rather than using an index. @NicolasDorier * Fix: Importing an incorrect wallet from BlueWallet was crashing (#2098) @Kukks * Fix classic theme for payment requests (Fix #2084) @dennisreimann ### Miscellaneous: * Removing the bitpay invoice translator @NicolasDorier * Improve the documentation of API Keys page @NicolasDorier * Fix doc for create invoice request's metadata @NicolasDorier * Fix docs for pull payments @Kukks