v0.9.2 Now with 0-of-N Multisig

We're pleased to announce the 0.9.2 release of c-lightning, named by Sergi Delgado. This is a significant release with new CLI-level notifications, better channel state reporting, and stable plugin-hook call ordering. Note that as of this release c-lightning-generated **PSBTs** are only considered valid by bitcoind **v0.20.1** and above. **Did you know**: c-lightning deprecates features with 6 months warning, and you can set `allow-deprecated-apis=false` to test? ## Highlights for Users * We now keep track of channel closure rationales. Wonder "why did my channel close" no more. All channel state changes are now listed in `listpeers`'s `state_changes`. * *NEW* CLI/RPC notifications! Tired of waiting for `close` to finish without getting any updates? With notifications, the `close` command will publish notifications (think CLI status updates) for slow closes. Must have `allow-deprecated-apis` set to false for these to work. * New optional argument `commitment_feerate` on the `multifundchannel` command. This is useful for setting one feerate for the funding transaction and another for the channel commitment transactions. * Two new commands added to `hsmtool`! * `generatehsm` allows you to create an HSM `hsm_secret` from a BIP39 pass phrase. (Note that due to c-lightning's current seed derivation process, wallet addresses aren't standard 'BIP39 to BIP32' compliant. Which is a fancy way of saying your pass phrase isn't portable to other, non-clightning wallets.) * `dumponchaindescriptors` will output the xpub for the HD wallet master key. This will let you track _swept_ c-lightning wallet funds -- anchor outputs and unswept channel outputs won't be visible until swept. * The starting feerate for mutual closes has been reduced to 'slow', to avoid overpayment. * In-memory log buffer now is 10MB, down from 100MB. ## Highlights for the Network * We no longer support receiving full gossip from ancient LND nodes * Fixed re-transmission order of multiple new HTLCS. This was causing channel closures with LND. ## Highlights for Developers * Plugin hook call ordering. Hooks can now specify that they must be called 'before' or 'after' other plugins. * pyln-client will handle and send RPC command notifications. * pyln-proto now includes a pure python implementation of the sphinx onion creation and processing. * PostgresSQL key-value DSNs now supported. * Plugin hook `htlc_accepted` can now return a custom `failure_onion`. More details can be found at https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/blob/v0.9.2/CHANGELOG.md Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep them coming. Since 0.9.1, we've had 321 commits from 15 different authors over ~58 days, an average commit rate of 5.5344 commits per day. A special thanks goes to the 4 first time contributors: * YOSHIDA Masanori @siburu * @grubles * Jordi Montes @positiveblue * @lakshit24 Cheers, Lisa, Christian, Rusty, ZmnSCPxj