Wasabi v1.1.12.2 - Hotfixes

# Summary This hotfix contains fixes and some minor improvements. - **ColdCard signing fix with multi-signature address** - **Transaction labels are shown on History Tab** - **Local blocks storage optimization - Wasabi will use less space on disk** # Newbie Guide While setting up Wasabi is straightforward, even a Linux wizard with the longest beard can get stuck on the most basic tasks. Consider taking a look at the [Installation Instructions](https://docs.wasabiwallet.io/using-wasabi/InstallPackage.html) guide. # Advanced Guide If you want to build Wasabi from source code or update the source code check out [these instructions.](https://docs.wasabiwallet.io/using-wasabi/BuildSource.html) From version 1.1.3 Wasabi also introduces [reproducible builds](https://reproducible-builds.org/): [Deterministic Build Guide](https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/blob/master/WalletWasabi.Documentation/Guides/DeterministicBuildGuide.md) Build with .NET Core 3.1.403-win-x64. ## FAQ - **Frequently asked questions [here](https://docs.wasabiwallet.io/FAQ/).** - **Requirements?** x64, Linux, >Win10, >macOS 10.13. # Release Notes - **UI changes** https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/4616 https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/4425 - **NBitcoin upgrade** https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/4614 - **Block storage improvement** https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/4370 https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/3809 https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi/pull/3800