### New features and improvements * BTCPayServer has now two different build Bitcoin-Only and Altcoins. See more [in our blog post](https://blog.btcpayserver.org/btcpay-server-1-0-5-4) (@xpayserver) * Wallet UI improvement #1763 @dennisreimann * Improve pull payment view #1764 @dennisreimann * Login/Register view UI improvements #1752 @dennisreimann * Manage store UI improvements #1761 @dennisreimann * Improve the UX when creating a new seed #1745 @dennisreimann * Allow selection of all notifications at once in notification list #1751 @bolatovumar * Add filtering to Payment Requests @rockstardev * Last filter used in payment requests and invoice list are now saved in user's preferences (cookie) #1775 #1498 @rockstardev * Notification when new version of btcpayserver is available. $1420 @rockstardev * Can sort apps list by store name, name or app type #1753 @bolatovumar * Improve query performance when listing invoices @NicolasDorier * Add margin to Delete store #1773 @bolatovumar * Add pagination to wallet's transaction page #1772 @bolatovumar * Improve VSCode user development experience #1769 @msafi * Fix error message positioning in PoS #1759 @bolatovumar * Fix swagger doc for approve payout @NicolasDorier * Use BTCPay doc for RBF explanation tooltip @britttttk * Allow mass archiving of invoices #1742 @bolatovumar * Improve 2FA UI #1741 @dennisreimann * .gitignore .DStore @Eskyee * Allow RPC access in services when the node is synching @NicolasDorier ### Bug fixes * Fix: In the PoS app, embedded CSS was ignored. @NicolasDorier * Fix error when modifying user who does not have admin right. #1793 @NicolasDorier * Fix null instance on invoice when using paymentCurrencies #1766 @Kukks * Fix: Sluggish scrolling in pages having a rich text editor @dennisreimann * Fix: Crash in payment request if there is several invoice in "new" state @Kukks * Fix: Crowdfund app doesn't count old invoices. It was only invoices created after enabling the option. @Kukks ### Security fixes Those are low risk injection vulnerabilities. * Prevent script injection via X-Forwarded-For (reported by @benichmt1) @NicolasDorier * Prevent script injection via the csv invoice export (reported by @benichmt1) @NicolasDorier