### Bug fixes * Payouts list incorrectly filtered if more than two pull payments (@arc3x) * Make it possible to refund invoice in the invalid state (@NicolasDorier) * Sane error message from the server if Basic authentication is not properly encoded in base64 (@Kukks) * Fix typos in pull payments (@Zaxounette) ### New features and improvements * Add download PSBT button in the PSBT's screen of the wallet (@Kukks) * Upload PSBT button now support both, a file with base64 PSBT in it, or the raw bytes (@Kukks) * Make payjoin works with hardware wallets, need latest release of BTCPayServer Vault (@Kukks) * Better design for 2FA config screens (@Kukks #1735) * Enable CORS on greenfield API (@Kukks) * UI cleanup in the account section (@dennisreimann see #1721) * Improve information structure in the store's lightning page (@dennisreimann see #1706) * Various code cleanup (@rockstardev) * Set noindex, nofollow on the payment request page and pull payment page (@RiccardoMasutti) * Improve "Send" screen address field UX (@bolatovumar #1723) * Fix appearance of table in pull payments page (@bolatovumar #1732 and #1733) * Improve service settings, email settings, improve users list, U2F, 2FA, login view and maintenance page (@dennisreimann #1727) * Update translation for Deutsch and አማርኛ (Peter Battermann and @lbtil)