Major improvements on this version. ### Cosmos have unified cosmos operations (each transaction produces only one operation). What this means, on Ledger Live, is that each single action produces an "optimistic operation" that turns into the same "operation". For special operations like Delegate you will see the fees as a "delta" removed on the account in the operation list, but you get the full detail of delegations in the Operation Detail. ### WIP exchange we are working on new features and the work as landed in master. > QA impact: Nothing to test yet. ### device flow: reworking actions/app to allow polling and reach a stable state prepare some mobile integration and in light of the WIP exchange feature, we have **fundamentally reworked the device actions "app"**. > QA impact: this impact all flows where a device is required _except Manager_. This prepare mobile BUT DOES NOT impact it today, so you do not need to test anything on mobile. To be tested that the device context switch are still working the same (+ all error cases like being in wrong app, wrong account, etc..). ### Bugfix Stellar memo reset fixes an UX problem where the memo was reseting after changing the recipient. > QA impact: this just affects the Step 1 of Send flow for XLM. ### Bugfixes on useTrustedInput Technical notes > QA impact: you can test bitcoin likes. > - you can test Decred DO NOT produces a warning (this was a regression in our app) > - you can test that a Bitcoin app on a Nano S 1.3.1 can still do a transaction on a segwit OR native segwit account. ### Protect getDeviceInfo with a check to ensure device is on dashboard makes sure that we check the device is on Dashboard with getAppAndVersion (B0 01 00 00) before asking getVersion (E0 01 00 00). > QA impact: this will be on device flows and especially on Manager one. At least one firmware update should be tested on this work, maybe you can do a win-win by testing incoming firmware updates.