Zap 0.7.1 Beta

## Release notes This is a general bug fix and maintenance release. ### Bug Fixes * **ui:** only use node uris if there are some ([937a200]( * **wallet:** correctly set maxParts from config ([edda5a9]( * **wallet:** ensure password lock/unlock works ([5de24e6]( * **wallet:** increase activity page size to 250 ([aa190a4]( * **wallet:** prevent crash if node pubkey and uri is unknown ([7f03cd0]( * **wallet:** reduce default lee limit to 100 sats ([f9bf11a]( * **wallet:** refer to correct identityPubkey node data key ([55e1582]( ### Changelog The full list of changes since 0.7.0-beta can be found here: ## Verifying the Release Please refer to [our documentation]( for [instructions on how to verify the release](