## DeviceInfo: drop `.providerId`, introduce `.providerName` ```diff { version: "1.4.2", isBootloader: false, isOSU: false, managerAllowed: false, mcuVersion: "1.6", pinValidated: true, - providerId: 1, + providerName: null, majMin: "1.4", targetId: 823132163, } ``` There were a bad design in `DeviceInfo` type that was still involving a `.providerId` that dynamically could changes based on `getEnv`. this information have no sense to be in a hw `getDeviceInfo` because that's a dynamic value, it's not a immutable/raw info This commit introduces back the feature via a `getProviderId` that takes `DeviceInfo` and gives you that value. We also introduces helpers to implement a "blue" dot on the manager tab There is no impact on desktop because we don't use `.providerId`. Even tho there is no impact, This is a major bump of live-common because it's still an important change. we also want to more easily identify the next live version we will do (at this is used in manager header). ```js import { useManagerBlueDot } from "@ledgerhq/live-common/lib/manager/hooks"; const displayBlueDot = useManagerBlueDot(lastSeenDevice); ```