### New Feature and improvements * Add Notifications feature (@r0ckstardev) * Add Pull Payments feature (@NicolasDorier) * Add Refund feature (@NicolasDorier * Allow invoice and payment requests to be archived (hide from list) (@Kukks) * Improve fee selection UI in wallet send screen (@Kukks) * Show warning when enabling Payjoin but supported payment methods are not using a hot wallet (@Kukks) * Rebuild POS and Crowdfund App Item/Perk editor UI and fix any issues (@Kukks) * Adjust Payjoin to the new specification outlined in BIP78 (@NicolasDorier) * Allow opening the BTCPay wallet natively when clicking a Bitcoin payment link (BIP21) * Add Server Info GreenField API (@dennisreimann) * Add Payment Requests GreenField API (@Kukks @NicolasDorier) * Support specifying payment method through apps per item/perk (@Kukks) * Allow setting private route hints for LND invoices (@r0ckstardev) * Expand GreenField Store API to have more store properties (@Kukks @NicolasDorier) * Make GreenField local docs require authentication (@Kukks) * Privacy enhancement: Randomize wallet transaction fingerprint. (@NicolasDorier) * Randomize RBF support in BTCPay wallet by default for privacy (@NicolasDorier) * Add support for Cobo Vault wallet file import (@Kukks) * Add support for Wasabi wallet file import (@Kukks) * Split POS app cart and static and support both simultaneously (@dennisreimann) * Add Cross-Implementation Lightning Node GreenField API (@Kukks @NicolasDorier) * Make GreenField responses and JSON properties consistent (@Kukks @NicolasDorier) * Add Tor Onion-Location HTTP header (@dennisreimann) * Rename form items in Wallet Send UI (@pavlenex) * Add ThunderHub integration (@NicolasDorier) * Add option to attempt to create PSBT with full transaction for inputs to sign for Trezor (@Kukks) ### Bug fixes * Do not auto-complete generate wallet form (@Kukks) * Make sure copied notification is positioned correctly on checkout (@chewsta) * Fix broken documentation links (@Kukks @dennisreimann @jad0c @Eskyee @pavlenex) * Fix POS app item display issues (@bolatovumar) * Fix Invoice checkout modal close button theme issues (@bolatovumar) * Fix display of replaced transactions in invoice list (@NicolasDorier) * Support BitPay invoice creation property "paymentCurrencies" (@Kukks) * Update lightning support warning text (@janoside) * Fix issue with payment requests not expiring (@Kukks) * Fix broken Bootstrap theme generator link (@Kukks) * Use proper Bitcoin symbol (₿) in UI instead of "BTC" (@Kukks) * Ensure you can only sign with hot wallet if you created the hot wallet via seed (@NicolasDorier) * Respect JsonResponse option in payment button endpoint even for failures (@Kukks) * Opt out of dotnet telemetry in Docker containers (@Kukks) * Fix issue with POS app if button text had special formatting (@Kukks) * Autofocus 2FA-code input on page load (@dennisreimann) * Add Orderid to BitPay IPN format (@Kukks) * Require Owner role to the store for modifying store via Greenfield (@NicolasDorier) * Fix css styling classes (@woutersamaey) * Fix checkout high width resolution styling issues (@dennisreimann) * Fix zpub electrum import (@gruve-p)