v0.8.2.1: (Still) Scaling the Ethereum Blockchain

This is a point release, with a single change: it makes `large-channels` compatible with Eclair (and, incompatible with v0.8.2 c-lightning), as reported by @mb300sd in https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/issues/3703. * If you never enabled `large-channels` in your configuration file, this is exactly the same as v0.8.2. * If you did, you won't be able to open *any* channels with large-channel-supporting Eclair node (e.g. Bitrefill) using v0.8.2: they will get an error when they try to announce. You need to upgrade to v0.8.2.1. * If you already have large channels (i.e. between c-lightning nodes), they'll continue to work just fine. We apologize for the mistake, and we are (too slowly) developing protocol tests to ensure this kind of issue does not occur in future.