# Changelog ## ### New features * If you use a hot wallet, you can retrieve the seed in wallet settings / Other actions / View seed (@MrKukks) * Add top Label filter (@MrKukks) * As a sender, payjoin transaction are tagged in the wallet (@MrKukks) ### Bug fixes * The wallet now discourage fee sniping (increase privacy by mimicking wallets like bitcoin core) (@NicolasDorier) * Payjoin receiver fix: The receiver's inputs sequence must be the same as the sender's inputs' sequence (@NicolasDorier, reported by @waxwing) * The wallet do not round fee rate to the nearest integer. (@NicolasDorier) * Invoice row should not cut off the "AM/PM" part of the date (@r0ckstardev) * Ensure dropdown in checkout page does not overflow (@ubolator) * Fix decimal points shown in Checkout UI based on currency ( always showed btc decimal precision before) (@MrKukks #1529) * fix label link inconsistency (@MrKukks) * Fix payjoin detection in checkout UI (@MrKukks) ### Altcoins * For liquid, fix decimal precision issue in the wallet (@MrKukks) * For liquid, the transactions in a wallet of a specific asset should only show transactions specific to this asset (@MrKukks) ### Language * Update portuguese strings (@BitcoinHeiro)