"Block 626048"

# Changelog ## Since this release is substantial, we invite your to read our [blog post](https://blog.btcpayserver.org/btcpay-server-1-0-4-0/) as well. ### Bug fixes * Better RBF and Double spend handling * Fix: Bumping an invoice payment would sometimes add to the customer Network fee. * Fix: A double spent transaction would sometimes show as never confirming in the invoice details instead of showing as double spent * Fix: do not allow 0 amount invoices in crowdfund or payment requests * Fix: Make 0 amount invoices marked as paid instantly * Fix: Payment request clone button would throw an error * Fix: Could not remove a user if the user was using the storage file feature * Make sure sponsor logos show up nicely on all screen sizes * UI Fixes * Replace `Paid summary` by `Invoice Summary` in the invoice preview of the invoice list page * Center supporter logos on the 404 error page * When creating a new hotwallet, do not ask for the address confirmation step ### Features * Payjoin support for stores (Receiving) * Payjoin support in the internal wallet (Sending) * Coin Selection feature in the internal wallet * Direct integration to Bitflyer rate provider * Allow generation of new address in Wallet Receive page, even if the current one still not used. * New invoice default theme * New invoice dark theme * New site default theme * New site dark theme * Camera QR Code scanner for Wallet * In the invoice checkout, ability to copy the BIP21 payment string * Add additional server policy for hot wallet RPC import ### Greenfield API * Greenfield API Permissions rework for API Keys & Basic Auth support * Granular permissions * Endpoint for creating a new user * Endpoint for creating API Keys * More details in the documentation * Greenfield API C# Client ### Altcoins * Decimal precision for Liquid assets fixes * Add L-CAD support for Liquid * Monero stability fixes ## Thanks to contributors * binarydreaming * britttttkelly * dennisreimann * francispoulios * joerlop * mbomb1231 * mikewchan * mrkukks * nicolasdorier * pavlenex * rockstardev * ubolator * vswee