## BTCPay Server (Front) ### Features: * Add modal option for Pay Button #1360 (@Kukks ) ### Improvements: * Allow user to set the expirationTime of invoice via the API (Fix #1336) (@NicolasDorier ) * Fix QR codes in Services tab (@bolatovumar ) * Remove changelly fiat option (@Kukks ) * Fixing modal Open Wallet click on iOS Safari by targeting iframe parent #931 (@rockstardev ) * Prettify wallet receive tab screen (@bolatovumar ) * Showing the next available address in the invoices list #1316 (@rockstardev ) * Use proper divisibility for payments in crowdfund and do not show too #1359 (@Kukks) ### Miscalleneous: * Readme Update .Net Core to 3.1, Add MacOS video (@pavlenex ) * Fixing Selenium tests failing because of dynamic hidden elements (@rockstardev ) * add enviroment configuration to issue template (@pavlenex ) * Removal on any previous work related to OpenIddict (@Kukks ) (Justification on: https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver/pull/1244#issuecomment-590389442) ## Greenfield API: With this release, @Kukks is starting to show off the GreenField API. It is documented on `http://yourserver/docs`. Thanks @Kukks for all the work on this. More will come soon, we expect to expose via the greenfield API all features in BTCPay. Note that this is still early, and the API may break. * Swagger and documentation on `/docs` * Get current API Key info * Can create/read/delete API keys in profile/API keys